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  1. in her shoes
    The Community Activist Who Dresses to Celebrate Her HeritageRosita Romero has run the Dominican Women’s Development Center for 30 years.
  2. in her shoes
    The Art Dealer Who Takes Styling Cues From CluelessGagosian’s Sarah Hoover loves incorporating Cher Horowitz moments into her work wardrobe.
  3. in her shoes
    The Venture Capitalist Funding Female-Led CompaniesAnu Duggal’s Female Founders Fund invests in brands like Eloquii, Winky Lux, and more.
  4. in her shoes
    The Williamsburg Acupuncturist Who Loves a Good BodysuitWhat Sandra Chiu wears to work.
  5. in her shoes
    The Power Lawyer Who Believes in a Power DressWhen Dawn Smalls isn’t litigating a major wage-discrimination case, she’s working on behalf of the Democratic Party.
  6. in her shoes
    The Design Director Launching Brands for Sizes 14 and UpDia & Co’s Marita Aikonen has a history of creating cool clothes for women of all sizes.
  7. in her shoes
    How to Dress When You’re President of Diddy’s EmpireDia Simms feels most confident in high heels and a form-fitting dress.
  8. in her shoes
    The Bloomingdale’s Executive Who Loves a Tailored UniformFormer fashion editor Heather Shimokawa takes a pared-down approach to dressing professionally.
  9. in her shoes
    The Creative Director Who’s Not Afraid to Wear Mismatched ShoesHawa Arsala describes her style as “ballerina meets dominatrix.”
  10. in her shoes
    The Sneaker-Wearing Chef Who Wants You to Try Asian SoupsCat Yeh, chief culinary officer of Nomz Soups, dresses for unpredictable start-up life.
  11. in her shoes
    A Diversity Activist on Dressing to Be HeardHow Ann-Gel Palermo, chief program officer of Mount Sinai’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion, dresses for work.
  12. in her shoes
    How a Restaurant Editor Dresses for Work DinnersEater’s editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt knows how to look comfortable yet professional.
  13. in her shoes
    The Model Who Became a Hot-Sauce EntrepreneurMeet Hawa Hassan, the brain behind Basbaas sauce.
  14. in her shoes
    The CEO Who Splits Her Time Between Shanghai and New YorkEvereden’s Kimberley Ho on navigating start-up life between two very different cultures.
  15. in her shoes
    The Meditation Entrepreneur Who Can Do Her Job BarefootJenn Tardif on dressing professionally for the wellness world.
  16. in her shoes
    What NYC’s Ambassador Wears to WorkPenny Abeywardena’s job takes her from the mayor’s office to the United Nations.
  17. in her shoes
    The Hockey Reporter Who Wears Heels on the IceAmanda Borges on her job with the New York Rangers.
  18. in her shoes
    The Digital Strategist Who Only Wears Black-and-WhiteMeet JiaJia Fei of the Jewish Museum.
  19. in her shoes
    The Vintage-Wearing, Oscar-Winning Documentary FilmmakerFazeelat Aslam’s job involves everything from being embedded with the Taliban to speaking at colleges.
  20. in her shoes
    The CEO Who Loves Gucci HeelsHunt & Gather’s Jolie Hunt-Potter can’t say no to fancy footwear.
  21. in her shoes
    How a Diversity Director Dresses for Her Hectic DayYrthya Dinzey-Flores has amassed a serious shoe collection in her desk drawers.
  22. in her shoes
    The Tomboy Creative Director With a Hip-Hop PastMelissa Jones has done branding and design for the likes of De la Soul, Madewell, and Nike.
  23. in her shoes
    The Illustrator Who Refuses to Dress Her AgeMona Chalabi isn’t afraid to wear stuff from her teen years.
  24. business casual
    9 Pairs of Pretty Shoes to Stash in Your Desk for EmergenciesLike the Girl Scouts say, always be prepared.