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  1. celebrity
    Beef Alert? Tree Paine Hits Back at DeuxMoiAfter the gossip account said Taylor Swift secretly married ex Joe Alwyn.
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    I Think We Must Admit That Timothée and Kylie Are DatingTheir butt-grabbing debut was shortly followed by two cuddly appearances in New York.
  3. drama
    Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Something Navy?After wild rumors about a divorce and embezzlement scandal, it turns out influencer Arielle Charnas’s lifestyle brand is simply not doing well.
  4. celebrity
    Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski Hit a New Relationship MilestoneThey appeared very happy to be together at Sunday night’s Knicks game.
  5. culture
    @DeuxMoi Made Me Eat ItHow a celebrity-stalking Instagram account changed dining out in New York City.
  6. celebrity
    The Best Gossip Site Is This Private Instagram AccountA guide to @deuxmoi.