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Developmental Psychology

  1. science of us
    Little Kids Think Birthday Parties Cause AgingAnd more insights from the surprisingly scientific world of kid logic.
  2. science of us
    The Enduring Influence of Your Middle-School Best FriendA slew of recent books focus on a woman’s lifelong link to her first real friend.
  3. about time
    Babies Aren’t Born With a Sense of Time — Here’s How They Learn How It WorksIt’s a few steps from getting on to a regular sleep schedule to understanding what a second or a minute feels like.
  4. donald trump
    Does Donald Trump Have a Fully Developed Theory of Mind?Most adults can do a decent job of understanding other people’s internal mental states. Not the leader of the free world.
  5. kids
    There’s a Cognitive Task a 4-Year-Old Can Probably Beat You AtYou don’t think 4-year-olds are very smart, but they have some (pretty useless) skills that may surprise you.
  6. gender
    Parents Should Let Children Be Their Gender Nonconforming SelvesThere seems to be a recent, nobly intentioned uptick in parents insisting children play and dress in gender-conforming ways.
  7. San Francisco’s Trying to Lock Up Fewer Young Men by Heeding Cognitive ScienceIn a country plagued by really poorly thought-out criminal-justice policies, this is a nice departure.
  8. trauma
    How Violence Warps Childhood Friendships in ChicagoMost kids simply gravitate toward peers who are similar to them. In violent parts of Chicago, children need to be a lot more deliberate.
  9. Kids Won’t Eat Vegetables? Here Are Two Things to TryParents tend to underestimate how many tries they’ll need to get their children to adopt new foods, and how important non-taste senses are.
  10. developmental psychology
    What Your Election Freakout Looks Like From a Kid’s Point of ViewAnd how to talk to them about what you’re feeling.
  11. One-Year-Olds Can Tell How Food Connects People“It was as if cultural lines were being drawn right in the laboratory.”
  12. parenting
    The Case for ‘Good Enough’ ParentingNo, you don’t have to raise your kid to be a future CEO.
  13. developmental psychology
    Watch Psychologists Destroy Kids’ Creations — for ScienceThree of the kids got so upset, the experiment was halted.
  14. gender
    A Depressing Reason Sixth-Grade Girls Score Lower in Math Than BoysThe power of hidden biases. 
  15. developmental psychology
    What the Science Says About Kids and Gender-Labeled ToysTarget’s decision to remove boy-girl labeling shouldn’t be controversial, according to the research. 
  16. race
    What Happens When Minority Kids Are Taught Not to Talk About RaceA striking study in ignoring the obvious.
  17. work
    How Parents’ Unpredictable Work Schedules Harm KidsThe practice has lots of invisible victims.
  18. q&a
    Age 12 Is Like a Second ToddlerhoodThe Terrible Twelves. 
  19. narcissism
    How Children Become Narcissists“You are so. Very. Special.”
  20. nutrition
    Kids and Energy Drinks May Be a Bad MixThe drinks may cause attention problems.
  21. babies
    Dutch Babies: Better Than American Babies?American infant superiority may be at risk.
  22. kids
    A Wisconsin Preschool Tried a ‘Kindness Curriculum’Improving the kids’ emotional skills improved their academic skills, as it turned out. 
  23. parenting
    Giving Toddlers Autonomy May Help Their Brains DevelopDon’t over-help!
  24. kids
    Lying to Your Kids — Even for Good Reasons — Will Turn Them Into LiarsThe road to dishonest kids is paved with good intentions.