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  1. health
    What to Know About MounjaroThe newest diabetes drug’s boom in popularity has already led to supply shortages.
  2. women’s health
    Women Struggling With Infertility Have an Increased Risk of Premature DeathA new study found an association between fertility issues and mortality.
  3. wellness theories
    Rev Run on Brussels Sprouts and Health As WealthThe rapper is working on his fitness.
  4. Diabetes Kits Are the Cool New Accessory for American Girl DollsBring back Molly.
  5. watery liquids
    You Can Officially Stop Pretending Skim Milk Is at All PalatableThe calorie savings are probably not worth it.
  6. are we human or are we cupcake
    Turning Into a Cupcake Is Not As Cute As It SoundsOne day you’re eating a cupcake, the next, you’re a monster.
  7. Dr. Phil — Who Is Not a Medical Doctor — Wants to Talk to You About DiabetesHe’s now a paid spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company.