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Diamond Jubilee

  1. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Must Do a Killer Cheryl Cole ImpressionYet another reason her bachelorette party — er, “hen night” — was probably awesome. 
  2. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton’s Dress Mix-up Causes International TizzyShe accidentally wore a dress from the Cook Islands while in the Solomon Islands, gawd.
  3. duchessess!!!
    Here Are Kate Middleton’s Plane OutfitsAnd thus ends the royal couple’s glorious Diamond Jubilee tour.
  4. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Photographed Near Someone Else’s NipplesAnd more big moments from their weekend in Southeast Asia.
  5. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middleton Wore a Peplum, Saw a Lion DanceAlso, see her signature!
  6. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middeton Wore $75 Fake Diamond Earrings to the Queen’s JubileeShe can even make cubic zirconia look classy.
  7. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Waved Her Little Union Jack Flag With GustoAh, the exuberance of a new Royal.
  8. excessive holidays
    Slideshow: All the Royals at the Diamond JubileeIn boats on the Thames, no less.
  9. excessive holidays
    Kate Middleton’s Diamond Jubilee Dress Was Previously Worn by Kim KardashianKate’s version had sleeves and a much more respectable hemline.
  10. animal kingdom
    See Queen Elizabeth With Corgis, a Panda, Elephants, and Other AnimalsHappy Diamond Jubilee!
  11. pip pip hooray
    Brit Newspaper Mad That Pippa Middleton Is Planning Parties Like It’s Her JobOh, wait — it is.
  12. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld to Participate in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee PartyAs a commentator for French TV.