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  1. certified lover boy
    Drake Has Apparently Thought About Proposing 42 Separate TimesHe made a diamond necklace out of 42 engagement rings instead.
  2. dream collabs
    Panera’s Diamond in a Bread Box Is Actually PerfectI love bread!
  3. science
    Give Me the Goth Space DiamondSotheby’s is expected to sell the 555.55-carat black diamond for at least $6.8 million.
  4. jewerly
    You Can Now Get a Full Background Check on a Tiffany DiamondA new initiative provides more transparency into the industry.
  5. How to Choose Your Perfect Engagement RingAs told by a jeweler who gets it.
  6. smell fresh like a diamond
    Here’s How You Can Hang Out in a DiamondCartier has a new pop-up shop.
  7. happy birthday fenty
    Rihanna Has Two Sparkly New ProductsDiamonds, jubilee.
  8. just browsing
    Prepare to Obsess Over This Jeweler’s Diamond SelectionYou can even rent diamonds from them.
  9. Yes, Affordable Diamonds Do ExistSimple studs for multiple holes.
  10. shine bright like a diamond
    You’ll Soon Be Able to Smell Like DiamondsTiffany & Co. is launching a new line of scents. 
  11. tastemakers
    The Pathbreaking Auctioneer With Jewels to SpareLisa Hubbard of Sotheby’s knows her precious gems.
  12. video
    Watch Cartier’s Updated Take on ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’Starring Karen Elson as a redheaded Marilyn.
  13. shine bright like a diamond
    Second-Largest Diamond Ever Found, GimmeThe diamond was immediately pinned to a bajillion wedding Pinterest boards.
  14. jewels
    Leonardo DiCaprio Has Diamonds for YouA sparkling reveal in time for Leo’s birthday.
  15. Black Caviar Bracelets to Stack in Your DreamsA stackable bracelet set worth the investment. 
  16. shine bright like a diamond
    See: Victoire de Castellane’s Beautiful, Jeweled OdditiesHer first New York exhibition of sculptures is now on display.
  17. just browsing
    Wish List: Noor Fares Diamond EarringsSimultaneously elegant and completely wild. 
  18. shine bright like a diamond
    Do Diamonds in Beauty Products Actually Offer Any Benefits? And most important, are they worth the hype? 
  19. you need this
    Always Shopping: A Delicate Diamond Ring Worthy of a SplurgeStacked or alone, it’s a keeper.
  20. diamonds
    Fancy, Shiny Stone Sold for $83 MillionIts official classification is “Fancy Vivid Pink.”
  21. diamond curses are forever
    Kim Kardashian’s Cursed Engagement Ring for SaleHere’s the $500K auction listing.
  22. metastable allotropes of carbon
    118-Carat Diamond Expected to Be Most Expensive EverAuction estimates are between $28M and $35M.
  23. burglars
    Diamond Heist Possibly Sexy Before It Got BustedIn our imagination, that is.
  24. lawsuits
    Costco Says ‘Tiffany’ Is Just a Ring SettingTiffany & Co.’s lawyers feel otherwise.
  25. material world
    5 Shopping Sprees So Wild, They Made HistoryMeet the millionaire shopaholics of yore.
  26. ways of seeing
    All That Glitters, Inspiration for the WeekendSparkling diamonds, couture, stars, and sequins make this glittering mood board.
  27. wedtiquette
    When the Ring Gets Its Own Engagement PhotoFacebook’s worst wedding trend: context-free diamonds.
  28. multi-zoom analysis
    Blake Lively’s Ring-Flaunting Sparkle-Fest: A Multi-Zoom AnalysisBody glitter and butt bling, we can see it with zoom.
  29. diamonds
    Naomi Campbell Might Be Undesirable to Jewelers After This Blood-Diamond Trial“[W]orking with her would be a step backward for the industry that has worked so hard to address the issue of conflict diamonds.”
  30. eff the recession
    There Is No Better Time for a $30 Million Diamond-Encrusted DressRetail stocks are up 5 percent, after all.
  31. crime and punishment
    FBI Thwarts Diamond HeistAuthorities arrested twelve people who they believed were planning to hijack FedEx trucks carrying millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds.
  32. political style
    Michelle Obama’s $11,000 Election Night Earrings Have Been IdentifiedLoree Rodkin designed the white-gold, diamond-encrusted baubles.