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  1. what would diane keaton do
    I Can’t Shut Up About ‘Coastal Grandmothers’Think Diane Keaton, ocean breezes, and big salads.
  2. horny mistakes
    Diane Keaton Curated a Hot-Guy SlideshowWith one small mistake.
  3. beliebers
    Justin Bieber’s Newest Video Girl Is … Diane Keaton?Okay, Diane. Get it, I guess!
  4. hot shot
    A Pair of Enormous Pants Went on a WalkWith Diane Keaton and her dog.
  5. toothsome
    All Celebrity Instagrams Should Be This GoodGo on, let Diane Keaton show you what’s in the box.
  6. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: When Keanu Reeves Wasn’t Good Enough for Diane KeatonWhy did Diane Keaton’s character in Something’s Gotta Give inexplicably choose playboy Jack Nicholson over heart doctor Keanu Reeves?
  7. fashion
    Diane Keaton’s GENIUS PANTS Went to the Farmer’s MarketAn ICONIC LOOK for buying FRESH FRUITS.
  8. reading the signs
    As Older Women Fight Trump, Hollywood Hands Them Pom-PomsIt’s not a coincidence.
  9. psa
  10. what’s good
    Surprise! Book Club Isn’t a Nancy Meyers MovieIf it drinks white wine like a Nancy Meyers movie, it must be a Nancy Meyers movie, right?
  11. horniness
    Why Diane Keaton Is ‘Afraid’ to Read 50 Shades of Grey“I’m afraid to do it, because honestly it’s too, it gets too …”
  12. what’s good
    A Wrinkle in Time Is Basically the Oprah Arena TourWhat’s good this week.
  13. crushes
    Diane Keaton Thinks Chris Martin Is Hot But Has No Idea Who He IsHorny Diane Keaton strikes again.
  14. woody allen
    Diane Keaton Says She Continues to Believe Woody AllenShe suggests that you watch his 60 Minutes interview from the ‘90s.
  15. close readings
    Why We Applaud Woody Allen’s MisogynyHis tribute to Diane Keaton was riddled with it.
  16. stranger things
    25 Famous Women on Their Strangest HabitsAmy Poehler, Rebel Wilson, Chrissy Teigen, and more, on the weird habits they can’t shake.
  17. runway report
    Diane Keaton Saw a Lot of Cars (and Clothes) in Ralph Lauren’s GarageShe said she loved the plaid suits best.
  18. getting dressed
    25 Famous Women on Style As IdentityDiana Vreeland, Solange Knowles, Patti Smith, and more women on why getting dressed is about who you are.
  19. solitude
    25 Famous Women on Being AloneWhat solitude means to Shonda Rhimes, Diane Keaton, Jennifer Lawrence, and more.
  20. body positivity
    25 Famous Women on Body ImageBody positivity from Serena Williams, Meryl Streep, Adele, and more.
  21. 25 famous women on
    25 Famous Women Talk About Their BoobsReflections from Tracee Ellis Ross, Tina Fey, Ruby Rose, and more.
  22. what would diane keaton do
    Uh-Oh: Here Comes Horny Diane Keaton AgainBack at it again with the horny Ellen appearance.
  23. vintage hollywood
    How Celebrities Dressed Before the ‘Red Carpet’ Became a JuggernautNot a stylist in sight.
  24. honest di
    Diane Keaton Says She’s Channeling Abe Lincoln on the Vanity Fair CoverThat explains the hat choice.
  25. Diane Keaton Makes Everything BetterThere she goes! There’s our gal!
  26. what would diane keaton do
    Diane Keaton Is the Best Thing About This Vanity Fair Hollywood IssueThe horndog hero is a master of disguise.
  27. horndogs
    Diane Keaton, 69-Year-Old Actress, Is Horny As Hell, and We Love ItStars really are just like us when you think about it.
  28. party pics
    Caitlyn Jenner and FKA Twigs Partied This WeekPlus: Ryan Gosling, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and more from this week’s roundup. 
  29. writers
    25 Famous Women on Writing Their Own StoriesThe power (and challenges) of self-reflection.
  30. what would diane keaton do
    Diane Keaton Continues Thirsting for Channing TatumWe love that she loves him.
  31. what would diane keaton do
    Channing Tatum Could Be Diane Keaton’s Trophy HusbandIf only he weren’t already married.
  32. Great Moments in Power SuitsFrom Working Girl to Hillary to Lorde.
  33. lookbook
    Praise Diane Keaton’s Glorious Menswear StyleTipping our bowler hats to you. 
  34. look of the day
    Diane Keaton Wore Socks With Her Pumps Very on-trend.
  35. pants-o-pedia
    Great Moments in Pants: A Handy Trouser TimelineFrom A to Zubaz.
  36. Diane Keaton: Your New Favorite Hair BloggerShe’s very curious about side-shaves.
  37. celebrity yard sales
    The 260 Items We Want Most From Diane Keaton’s Tag SaleSkunk lawn ornaments. Terra-cotta pots. 
  38. what would diane keaton do
    Diane Keaton on Her Kiss ListOnly missing McConaughey, she says. 
  39. red carpet antics
    Uma Thurman Was Cranky at the Golden GlobesPlease feed the animals.
  40. what would diane keaton do
    Diane Keaton: Maybe the Best Actress on TwitterA shameless plug for good vibes and vintage photos of Leo.
  41. beauty marks
    FiFi Finalists Named; Virgin Atlantic Opens New York SpaPlus, Lady Gaga wore a dress made of hair.
  42. look of the day
    Diane Keaton Wore a Turtleneck Under Her Black Leather MinidressAnd the turtleneck had thumb-holes!
  43. aging gracefully
    Can Women Over 50 Pull Off Ironic Fashion?Cathy Horyn thinks not. We take a look at nine who try to pull it off.