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Diet Coke

  1. innovations
    Coca-Cola Is Now Selling Coke With Added FiberIf Diet Coke is just not cutting it.
  2. threats to smugness
    New Diet Coke Can Might Make People Think That You Deign to Drink Regular CokeHow can you be self-righteous without a silver can?
  3. ze french
    Coca-Cola-Flavored Wine Is Upon UsIt’s called Rouge Sucette, “Red Lollipop.”
  4. bad habits
    Lady Who Drank Nothing But Soda for 16 Years Not Doing So Well“Since the age of 15, she had not drunk any water.”
  5. faces of things
    What Marc Jacobs Ate Before His Shirtless Diet Coke ShootAlso, his acting career is over now.
  6. slash jobs
    Check Out Marc Jacobs’s CansHar har. 
  7. shirtless men
    Shirtless Marc Jacobs Is Diet Coke’s New Creative Director Joins proud tradition of half-naked “Diet Coke hunks.”
  8. loose threads
    Gaultier’s New Diet Coke; Lila Moss’s PlaydatesPlus, Erin Wasson covers S Moda.
  9. slash jobs
    Jean Paul Gaultier Put Corsets on Diet Coke BottlesAnd sailor stripes.
  10. slash jobs
    See Jean Paul Gaultier’s Second (Creepy) Diet Coke VideoStarring Bernadette the puppet.
  11. loose threads
    DVF Coke Bottles; GQ Closet So Fresh & So CleanPlus, Alexander Wang’s Asian expansion, Daphne’s new windows, and more fashion news.