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Diet Time

  1. cut off season
    The Coachella Diet: Another Reason to Skip CoachellaThis event gets worse and worse.
  2. loony moony dieting
    Madonna and Demi Moore Diet Like WerewolvesHowl (and diet) at the moon.
  3. the gym is your living room
    From Figurerobics to Pilatesology: The 7 Best Online WorkoutsTremble-cise in the comfort of your own living room.
  4. diet time
    I Tried 7 ‘Natural’ Weight-Loss SupplementsA (bloated, cramp-filled) performance review. 
  5. workout gifs
    Workout GIFs: How to ‘Thigh Dance’Don’t worry, it’s not twerking.
  6. red herring
    Survey Says: Dutch People Eat Better Than Everyone Else in the WorldTo celebrate, let’s eat some stroopwafels.
  7. diet time
    Introducing DASH, the ‘Best Diet’ You’ve Never Heard Of Shockingly unaffiliated with the Kardashians. 
  8. diet time
    Eat Until You’re Full, Ignore Calories, and Lose WeightScience (and a new book) say this is the best plan.
  9. diet time
    Workout GIFs: What’s a Thut, and How Do You Get Rid of It? No tutting involved to get rid of thutting.
  10. men’s beauty
    Five Real-Life Patrick Batemans and Their Grooming Routines“I’m going to be a fucking vampire.”
  11. lab rat
    Can a Body Lotion Give Me Gwyneth’s Legs?Gwyneth’s other leg secret (apart from the daily, punishing, two-hour gym routine).
  12. gymtimidation
    Women Feel ‘Gymtimidation’ Twice As Often As MenAhh, the convenient portmanteau. 
  13. workout gifs
    Workout GIFs: Easy At-Home Thigh MovesAll you need is a chair and an Instagram picture of Beyoncé’s thighs for inspiration. 
  14. diet time
    30 Comfy, Cool Fitness Items to Get You MovingA calmer palette to wear in or out of the gym. 
  15. diet time
    In Defense of Disgusting Gym ClothesWhatever happened to cutoff tank tops? 
  16. diet time
    40 Vintage Ladies in Ye Olde Workout GearGet inspired by ladies sweating in pantaloons.