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  1. health
    Breakfast RulesA new study casts doubt on the benefits of intermittent fasting.
  2. meat
    Yet Another Man Laid Low by an All-Meat DietSinger James Blunt says he once got scurvy from eating too much meat.
  3. no thanks
    Dairy Milk Is Even More Useless Than You ThoughtA new report looks closely at the (lack of) evidence surrounding the USDA recommendation of three servings a day.
  4. science of us
    The Way Men’s Media Cover Dieting Is … WeirdAre straight men okay?
  5. science of us
    What If My Food Intuition Is Mangled?Intuitive eating seems right, but also, what are the exact, specific steps???
  6. science of us
    What Is Autophagy?Right when I’d gotten used to intermittent fasting …
  7. swellness
    There’s No Such Thing As a Universal DietCan artificial intelligence give me a personalized nutrition plan?
  8. swellness
    Will Adaptogens Fix Our Unbalanced Lives?The particular, timely appeal of the class of herbs and mushrooms thought to improve our response to stress.
  9. remembering karl
    I Tried Karl Lagerfeld’s DietLosing weight with the designer’s regimen of Diet Coke and burnt quail.
  10. how should a person eat
    Tell Me About the Planetary Health DietA legit riveting chat with a Harvard nutritionist.
  11. beyonce
    Would You Go Vegan for Beyoncé?Now is the time to decide how far you’d go for your queen.
  12. science of us
    ‘The Planetary Health Diet’ Has a Nice Ring to ItA sweeping new report recommends eating a lot less meat.
  13. science of us
    Do You Need More Vitamin B12?Vitamin B12 is found in animal products, so what’s a vegan or vegetarian to do?
  14. science of us
    I Can’t Remember Why I Don’t Eat DairyIt’s not because milk is “unnatural.”
  15. science of us
    Now Weight Watchers Wants You to Meditate, TooAnd it’s got a new name.
  16. science of us
    Maybe Bread Is Paleo After AllCarbs go WAY back.
  17. science of us
    The Ultimate Guide to Intermittent FastingWhat it can do for you, and how you can get started.
  18. science of us
    10 Days of Eating Fat, for My Mental HealthThe ketogenic diet is showing scientific promise as a treatment for some psychiatric disorders.
  19. niche drama
    Party City Learns the Hard Way Not to Offend Gluten-Free PeopleThe party chain apologized after its new ad called gluten-free people “gross.”
  20. wellness theories
    This Insanely Toned Star Hates Vegetables and Loves Junk Food“I love the purple bag of Skittles. I like powdered donuts by Hostess. I like Honey Buns by Little Debbie.”
  21. good fat
    You Might Want to Start Eating More Fat and Fewer Carbs, According to a StudyThe study linked high fat intake to a lower risk of premature death.
  22. wellness theories
    Taraji P. Henson on Meditation, Exercise, and Why She Started Eating Better“I find myself being in a meditative state all the time.”
  23. wellness theories
    Andy Cohen Trains With a Ninja to Stay Fit“We kickbox and box and do a lot of floor and core work.”
  24. wellness theories
    Wendy Whelan on Finding Joy After Injury and Trying Yoga for the First Time“I’m not an advanced yoga person by any means, but I’ve been doing it regularly for the past six months.”
  25. party lines
    Tracy Anderson Defends Lena Dunham’s Weight-Loss Instagram Post“She is a living angel in this world.”
  26. am i dying
    Can You Overdose on Gummy Vitamins?Sometimes I eat gummy vitamins by the handful. Is this bad for me?
  27. swellness
    Hypnosis Is the Only Thing That’s Helped Me Lose WeightI started out a skeptic, but now I’m sold.
  28. wellness theories
    A Plus-Size Star on the Motivating Power of Instagram“I make a conscious effort on who I follow on social media.”
  29. am i dying
    Why Am I Always Tired?Don’t assume it’s a health problem.
  30. food fights
    The FDA Is Finally Going to Update the Definition of ‘Healthy’Currently, foods that are low in fat but high in sugar can use it, which, no.
  31. wellness theories
    Donald Faison on Shaving His Head and Keeping It RealThe Clueless and Scrubs star talks about how he stays healthy.
  32. lies we tell ourselves
    How Those Fake Junk Foods Could Be Making You Eat MoreZoodles do not eliminate pasta cravings.
  33. yolo meats
    Exactly How Much Bacon Is Too Much Bacon?An important investigation.
  34. Feeder Puzzles Let Cats Perform Their Birthright As HuntersKitty CrossFit.
  35. fake junk food
    Cauliflower Does Not Belong in White-Chocolate Fruit DipThis is the beginning of the end of recipe swaps.
  36. swellness
    Should You Make Yourself More Alkaline?About that acid allegedly coursing through your veins.
  37. swellness
    Teresa Palmer on Self-Love and Breast-feeding Her 2-Year-Old“When you source your happiness from an internal place, and you truly are putting yourself at the center there, you never get too wobbly.”
  38. Magic Men Share the Fitness and Diet Regimens That Give Them Their Ripped BodiesMuscles on muscles on muscles.
  39. swellness
    Is Your Smoothie Making You Fat?Depends what’s in it.
  40. swellness
    Sorry, But an Avocado Is Not a BunWhat fresh hell is this?
  41. swellness
    Tom Brady and Gisele’s Ultrarestrictive Diet From HellThis is no joke.
  42. swellness
    The Problem With Sweet-Potato ‘Toast’ and Watermelon ‘Pizza’Must we lie to ourselves in order to be healthy?
  43. swellness
    Gross Hospital Food to Get Upgrade After Administrators Ate It for a WeekTastes like victory.
  44. swellness
    Good Fats Are Good for You, So Pile on the AvocadoMusic to our ears.
  45. swellness
    Is Cooking With Coconut Oil the Best Thing You Could Be Doing?Coconut oil supposedly has a million and one uses. Should cooking be one of them?
  46. swellness
    Here’s the Next Great Hope for Your Sugar AddictionMushrooms could make unsweetened foods more palatable.
  47. wellness theories
    Judy Greer on Taco Bell Sauce and Getting Zen With Her Dog“I will take everything from the fridge, put it in a bowl and cover it in Taco Bell sauce packets and call it food.”
  48. wellness theories
    Tamar Braxton on Burgers and Lifelong Decisions“You have to eat the things you love, like the burgers and the cheese fries and the shakes.”
  49. diet
    I Tried to Eat Like Tom Brady and Gisele, and I Was So HungryA life of vegetables, and Boston.
  50. wellness theories
    Nastia Liukin on Pilates and Seamless The Olympic medalist talks about life after gymnastics.
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