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  1. food fights
    Kind Bars Got the FDA to Admit the Term ‘Healthy’ Is Basically a JokeOne small win for nuts.
  2. wellness theories
    Olympic Swimmer Natalie Coughlin on Second Breakfast and Her Chickens“I don’t need to buy eggs. And chickens provide really great manure.”
  3. wellness theories
    Eva Longoria Chooses Meditation Over Instagram“I think people waste more time than they think.”
  4. nope
    Health Experts Want to Shame You by Putting Exercise Labels on FoodDo you really want to know how many miles you’d have to run to burn off that cookie?
  5. watery liquids
    You Can Officially Stop Pretending Skim Milk Is at All PalatableThe calorie savings are probably not worth it.
  6. wellness theories
    Kelly Rowland on Meditating and Doctor Checkups“Once I started making money I went to an eye doctor, the dentist, and every doctor I could think of because I just wanted to know what was going on in my body.”
  7. listicles
    12 Amazing, Totally Real, Not-at-All-Made-Up Powers of the Mediterranean DietSome not yet proven by science.
  8. exercises in futility
    Okay Don’t Freak Out But Exercising Doesn’t Make You Lose WeightLooks like you just have to eat fewer calories — and STILL work out because it’s *good* for you, ugh.
  9. face stuffing
    Skipping Breakfast Makes You Fatter Than Having Two BreakfastsSecond breakfast for everyone!
  10. mmm emulsifiers
    We’re All Basically Going to Turn Into Chicken Nuggets Almost 60 percent of Americans’ calories come from ultra-processed foods.
  11. get bodied
    SI’s First Curvy Cover Star on Cellulite & Size“I don’t like being called plus-size, but I know why women want to be called plus-size.”
  12. wellness theories
    June Ambrose on Lemon Water and Breakfast Pasta“I’m the kind of girl who has pasta for breakfast because I need energy.”
  13. things that were not very helpful
    What the New Dietary Guidelines Really MeanA helpful between-the-lines reading.
  14. wellness theories
    Carmen Electra on Drinking Water and Saying ‘No’“Water has changed my life.”
  15. wellness theories
    Carrie Underwood on Grazing From the Fridge“When I’m around people, I eat a lot better because I feel like I have to live up to expectations.”
  16. wellness theories
    Molly Sims on Blood-Type Diets and Dealing With Uncertainty“I crave protein; it’s literally what I need for my O-negative blood type.”
  17. new directions
    Why Weight Watchers’ New Message About Fitness Is So SmartWorking out shouldn’t be an excuse to eat more.
  18. wellness theories
    Lo Bosworth Has Bad News for You About SrirachaWellness advice from the reality-TV alum and lifestyle blogger.
  19. Kind Snacks Would Like to Remind the FDA That Nuts Are, in Fact, HealthyNutritionists agree that plant-based fat is good for us.
  20. can u not
    Vogue Really Wants to Ruin Thanksgiving DinnerSo does PopSugar, Time, and The Weather Channel.
  21. wellness theories
    Tracy Anderson on Your Wimpy Fitness Excuses“People need to learn to take care of that little tiny kid inside of them and learn how to put their adult diapers on and show up for their health.”
  22. wellness theories
    A British Aristocrat on Expensive Algae and Balance“I don’t work out every day, but when I do, I pretty much die.”
  23. lies
    This Healthy-Sounding Cereal Cannot Be TrustedCheerios Protein: not a lot of protein.
  24. all of the vegetables
    Thinking of Going Vegan? Read This FirstWhat you should know about making a plant-based diet work for you.
  25. wellness theories
    Emmy Rossum on Body Acceptance at the Gym and Learning to Breathe“On Sunday, my motto is ‘less brunching and more crunching.’”
  26. demons
    Liberate Yourself From Obsessing Over Fat and CarbsZeroing in on specific nutrients isn’t that effective in the long run.
  27. wellness theories
    Cate Blanchett on ‘Wellness’ As Total BullWellness is an invented word for being healthy.”
  28. wellness theories
    Bobbi Brown on Alkaline Diets and Remembering to Breathe“I’m someone who usually doesn’t breathe.”
  29. the shakes
    10 Things That Probably Didn’t Need to Be CaffeinatedFor those who hate coffee but love hot sauce.
  30. wellness theories
    How a Famous Skin-Care Expert Fights AgingDr. Nicholas Perricone on exercise and vitamins.
  31. life is unfair
    It’s Harder to Be Thin Than It Was in the ’80sHate you, boomers.
  32. wellness theories
    Victor Cruz on Fitness, Gummy Bears, and Fragrance“You don’t have to go to the gym and do 100 reps on the bench press.”
  33. nutrition
    A Sneaky Experiment About Calorie CountsIt complicates the current thinking about the best way to nudge people to make better food choices.
  34. wellness theories
    Tara Stiles: Handstands Won’t Change Your LifeThe yoga guru tells us how she does wellness.
  35. real talk
    5 Fully Reasonable Breakfast HacksSmoothie kits, mini quiches, and more.
  36. wellness theories
    Carolyn Murphy on the Joys of Doing NothingShe loves avocados and hates the gym.
  37. am i dying
    Should I Drink Watermelon Juice After Working Out?Investigating the mini-trend.
  38. debunking
    Paleo Truther Scandal: Carbs Were in the CavesTubers for everyone!
  39. wellness theories
    Fernanda Niven on Sunscreen, Wellness, and So Much TeaThe creative director of Parasol sun-protective swimwear shares her wellness routine. 
  40. am i dying
    Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Avocado?Let’s talk about your guacamole habit.
  41. myths
    Working Out Isn’t a Magic Bullet for Weight LossIf you’re trying to lose weight, diet may be more important than exercise.
  42. shut up and eat
    People, So Confused by NutrientsQ: Which is better for you, potassium or eating a banana?
  43. food porn
    Soon There Could Be a Calorie-Counter for InstagramGoogle filed a patent for a calorie-counting artificial-intelligence project that analyzes your food photos.
  44. wellness theories
    Jordana Brewster on Chocolate Pizza, ‘Uplifting Podcasts,’ and Being Well“Other things I like in L.A., especially since we’re always stuck in traffic a lot, are uplifting podcasts.”
  45. health
    It Looks Like L.A.’s Fast-Food Ban Didn’t WorkAnd there are lots of reasons why it didn’t work.
  46. oxytocin
    The ‘Love Drug’ Might Help With Appetite ControlOxytocin just keeps getting more intriguing.
  47. weight loss
    People Who Weigh Themselves More Lose More WeightIf you’re trying to slim down, keep that scale nearby.
  48. diet
    84 Percent of Vegetarians Go Back to Eating MeatNew insights into the American diet. 
  49. gender
    It’s Now More Socially Acceptable for Men to Diet Than WomenA big-time cultural shift.
  50. pretty hurts
    Nobody Wants to Be the Girl on a DietI’ve known smart women who go to extremes to hide that they watch what they eat. I’ve been one of them.
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