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Dina Lohan

  1. breakups
    Dina Lohan’s Online Boyfriend Broke Up With Her Before They Ever MetThey had e-dated for five years before their reported split.
  2. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Dina Lohan Getting Her Carvel Card RevokedHow many Fudgie the Whale cakes could Dina Lohan possibly need?
  3. l’amour
    Dina Lohan’s Boyfriend Will FaceTime Her to Prove He’s Not a CatfishThey’ve been together for five years, but have never met.
  4. party pics
    Channing Tatum and Nick Jonas Partied This WeekAlong with Anna Wintour, Diane Kruger, and Tyson Beckford.
  5. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Farewell to Fashion Week The best, the worst, and the weirdest of fall 2014 Fashion Week.
  6. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Beauty Queens, Lohans at Nicole MillerDina does a booty tooch.
  7. citi bikes
    Lindsay Lohan and Mother Ride CitiBikesDina Lohan has a death grip on the handlebars.
  8. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan’s Pre-Court Pants, At-Court Platforms: An AnalysisShe has arrived!
  9. the parent trap
    Lindsay Lohan: I Lied About Dina’s Cocaine UseOn the call that her dad recorded and gave to TMZ. No winners here. 
  10. the parent trap
    Lohan’s Choice: Lindsay’s Parental Drama Gets GrimCocaine, $40,000, and Michael Lohan. 
  11. the parent trap
    Lindsay Lohan and Mom Dina in Domestic DisputeWhat could have come between them?
  12. cover girls
    Aliana Lohan Covers the New ‘Page Six’ MagazineShe’s a model now, remember?
  13. wonder mom
    The Paradox of Dina Lohan and Her New Shoe LineFor the record, it will not be called “Shoe-han.”
  14. this will scare you
    Dina Lohan to Launch ‘Shoe-han’ Shoe LineOh dear.
  15. tragedies
    Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Allowed to Attend Alexander Wang’s ShowHomegirl’s just too darn famous!