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Disability Rights

  1. renaissance
    Beyoncé Is Facing Criticism for Using an Ableist Slur on RenaissanceJust weeks after Lizzo apologized for using the same derogatory term in her song “Grrrls.”
  2. relationships
    I Approach Polyamory With the Same Drive I Do My WorkWithout apology and with lots of trial and error.
  3. trailblazers
    When the Job Finds You, Take ItAfter losing her eyesight, Virginia Jacko sought rehabilitation at Miami Lighthouse. Now she’s the CEO.
  4. all work no pay
    ‘We Still Need Accommodations’In the pandemic economy, disabled women face a number of obstacles.
  5. media
    ‘People Should Kill You, If It Becomes Too Much’Disability-rights activists react to a New York Times piece about Alzheimer’s and a murder-suicide.
  6. workplace discrimination
    Ex-Talk Stoop Host Is Suing NBC for Disability DiscriminationCat Greenleaf’s contract was quietly terminated in December 2017.
  7. documentaries
    How Do We Decide What to ‘Cure’ and What to Celebrate?Watch an exclusive clip from Far From the Tree, the documentary adaptation of Andrew Solomon’s award-winning book about illness and identity.
  8. politics
    Education Department Rolls Back Policies That Protect Students With DisabilitiesThe Washington Post reports 72 policy documents were rescinded.