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  1. first person
    My 6-Year-Old Thinks My Disability Is Boring“Why does your mom walk like that?” a girl his age asked.
  2. it's complicated
    Keeping the Spark Alive As a Young Person in an Old Person’s BodyWhen complications from my hip surgery left me in chronic pain, romance became a struggle.
  3. disability
    A New Study Reveals How Employers Discriminate Against Disabled PeopleThe classic résumé-and-cover-letter study, updated to examine discrimination against the disabled.
  4. blindness
    Those Pretending-to-Be-Blind Activities May BackfireThey seem to cause people to view blind people as less capable than they really are.
  5. sex
    Disabled Men Explain the Real Reasons They Paid for SexIt’s as much about independence as it is about lust.