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Disco Heaven

  1. disco covers
    A Very Gaga Thanksgiving? Christmas? Try New Year.She’s on the cover of the new Vanity Fair and British Elle.
  2. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga to Wear Thierry Mugler to the Grammys?She has a contract with Armani, but might make a switch.
  3. disco shopping
    Lady Gaga Bought Stuff at a Preppy Clothing Store in Paris TodayPossibly pants, which she obviously wasn’t wearing.
  4. look of the day
    Lady Gaga Goes MedievalShe was just going out to eat — what else would she wear?
  5. putting a fork in 2010
    Who, Aside From Time, Thinks Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Was the No. 1 Fashion Statement of the Year?We don’t.
  6. save gaga
    Lady Gaga Now Exploring the World of Chastity BeltsWhat else is she to wear when she goes shopping?
  7. disco vogue
    Lady Gaga to Appear on the March Cover of Vogue?A rumor is going around that this is going to happen!
  8. disco quotables
    Lady Gaga Likes Her Stylist More Than Her ClothesHer stylist is “Epic Lifestyle, Freakdom, Gorgeous or Die,” she says.
  9. disco homeless statue of liberty
    Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs Are on the Cover of V’s ‘New York’ IssueAnd it’s VERY New York.
  10. disco favorites
    Lady Gaga’s Stylist Picks His Favorite Looks From the Past YearAnd we’re remembering them in rhyming verse.
  11. disco alter egos
    Lady Gaga Seems to Be Taking Her Jo Calderone Alter Ego Pretty SeriouslyShe did an interview with the new Japanese ‘Men’s Vogue’ AS Jo, the Sicilian car mechanic.
  12. disco straitjacket
    Lady Gaga Wore a Straitjacket to the Houston AirportWell, a coat that looked like a straitjacket. Same diff.
  13. disco covers
    Lady Gaga’s September British Vanity Fair Cover Is OutAnd she’s … naked!
  14. disco covers
    Lady Gaga Neglects to Wear Five Pounds of Eye Makeup on the Cover of WestEast MagazineHer lips, on the other hand …
  15. disco eyeballs
    Lady Gaga Will Not Have Her Eyes PhotoshoppedBut she will have new ones painted on her lids.
  16. disco rumors
    Those Rumors About Lady Gaga Doing a Fragrance Are FalseWhew!
  17. disco perfume
    Lady Gaga Rumored to Be Working on a FragranceAn “unusual” fragrance, obviously.
  18. disco exercise
    So This Is How Lady Gaga Goes to the GymIn high heels and not much else.
  19. disco heaven
    Slideshow: Lady Gaga’s Most Crazily Dressed FansThe little monsters wore Coke-can rollers, caution-tape bustiers, and more.
  20. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga’s Skimpy Concert Clothes Are Neat to Look at, But That’s About ItAnd more thoughts on the costumes in her Madison Square Garden clothes.
  21. disco heaven
    What Else Would Lady Gaga Wear to MIT?Something that wasn’t see-through, you say? Pish posh.
  22. disco falling down
    Lady Gaga Becomes a Victim of a Dangerous Shoe-Cape GetupWhat ELSE would she wear to the airport?
  23. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Wore a McQueen Catsuit Designed by Sarah BurtonSo that’s checked off her list.
  24. disco heaven
    A Breakdown of Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’ LooksThey weren’t as shocking as her past video fashions, but creepy for sure.
  25. disco heaven
    Steven Klein Put the Madonna in Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’That doesn’t make us like it any less.
  26. intellectual cultural references
    Lady Gaga Looks Like Mr. Burns As a Vampire in the ‘Alejandro’ Video’The Simpsons’ really has done everything first.
  27. disco intern
    There Is No Way Lady Gaga Has Time to Intern at Philip TreacyShe has to get dressed, you know.
  28. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Went Outside in See-through PantiesPicking out outfits can be hard sometimes.
  29. disco heaven
    Breaking: Lady Gaga Wears Crazy ShoesWhat — like she’d wear sneakers to the museum?
  30. disco heaven
    Something About Lady Gaga’s American Idol Look UnderwhelmedWe analyze over IM.
  31. disco heaven
    Behold Lady Gaga’s Met Gala Prada TuxIt’s so understated!
  32. disco heaven
    What Happened to Lady Gaga’s Met Gala Arrival?We hear she was busy preparing for her performance and didn’t have time to walk.
  33. disco heaven
    Video: Lady Gaga Speaks to Time Wearing Her Sparkler BoobsThus illustrating why she deserves her spot on their 100 most influential people list.
  34. divas
    Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga Have the Same Latex OutfitIt’s not even that great of a latex outfit.
  35. disco heaven
    Are Lady Gaga’s Stage Panties Getting Skimpier?It’s hard to say, but it seems like an important question to address.
  36. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga’s Hair More Normal Than It Has Been in Some TimeThe rest of her remains far from it.
  37. disco heaven
    Public Deems Lady Gaga Exponentially More Influential Than Anna WintourLady Gaga comes in at No. 1, Snooki at 16, and Anna Wintour at 122.
  38. disco shades
    Lady Gaga May Do a Sunglasses LineThis was inevitable.
  39. disco childhood
    Lady Gaga Wore Abercrombie in Her Normal YearsAnd … PEASANT SKIRTS.
  40. disco fishing
    EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Lady Gaga Fishing in Panties and HeelsYou won’t see this image anywhere else.
  41. disco heaven
    Can Steven Klein Do Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’ Video Justice?She reportedly hired him to direct.
  42. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Mostly De-Yellowed Her HairShe’s got some pink in there now.
  43. all ‘telephone’ all the time
    A Breakdown of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s Music-Video LooksIn case you haven’t watched the video enough times today, see it in still pictures!
  44. disco heaven
    The Ten Best Things About Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ VideoDiva history has again been made.
  45. disco heaven
    Look at Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ Booty Shorts!!And her short bangs! Her really short bangs!
  46. disco awkward
    Lady Gaga Is Trying to Bring the Landline BackAlso: phone booths.
  47. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Wears Custom Prada on the U.K. Leg of Her Monster Ball TourShe’s come a long way from homemade disco-ball bras.
  48. disco heaven
    Gaga and Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ Video Comes Out Next WeekIn which Gaga unveils the hair phone.
  49. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Would Make a Great Sex-Ed TeacherCondoms are one of her passions.
  50. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga’s Skeleton Corset Looks a Little Gross When She’s Not Wearing ItAlso, it comes with a plastic glitter diaper hanging off the bottom.
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