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Disco Heaven

  1. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga and Beyoncé on the ‘Telephone’ SetImages from the shoot have leaked!
  2. disco heaven
    A Closer Look at Lady Gaga’s Grammys’ OutfitsEnjoy a slideshow of detailed looks at her every outfit, from every angle, from the 2010 Grammys.
  3. disco heaven
    Beyoncé Will Reportedly Rescue Lady Gaga in ‘Telephone’ Video, Clad in Destroyed DenimIt’s a continuation of Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video!
  4. disco heaven
    Givenchy Couture: ‘A Wild Rave of Evening Clothes’Thank you, Suzy Menkes.
  5. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga’s Costume Designer Doesn’t Know What ‘Haus of Gaga’ IsMaybe it only exists in Gaga’s head.
  6. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga’s Fans Wore Hair Bows and Disco Balls to Her Radio City ShowAlso those rocklike things she used to stick in her hair.
  7. disco heaven
    Gaga to Cast Lara Stone in ‘Alejandro’ Video?It’s hard to believe the ‘Sun,’ but this is the rumor they started today.
  8. bad romance
    Mark Fast Declined to Lend Clothes to Lady Gaga, Shuns ‘Fast-Food Fashion’“We don’t necessarily have to accept everyone just because they are famous.”
  9. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Explains What Avant-garde Means to HerIt’s not about “shredding things” or making “giant hats.”
  10. disco heaven
    Someone in Beijing Is Making Lady Gaga Barbie Doll ClothesMini McQueen shoes, people!
  11. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Possibly Having Bad Romance With Man Who Dresses Just As Ridiculously As She DoesIs everyone certain it wasn’t Perez Hilton?
  12. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga to Appear on Launch My LineIf you haven’t watched and can remember this come January, maybe you will tune in!
  13. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga’s E-Boutique Features Eye Patches But No Disco SticksShop for Gaga-approved clothes from the comfort of your own home.
  14. bad romance
    Antonio Berardi Refused to Work With Lady Gaga, Cites ‘Meaningless’ MusicSomeone smack this man upside the head with a disco stick.
  15. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Tells Barbara Walters She’s Not ‘Attention-Seeking’She may have toned down her wardrobe for the interview, but not her declarations about herself.
  16. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga ‘Had to Tone Things Down’ to Meet the QueenNot that she did, really.
  17. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Declines to Wear Crazy-Gear, Sunglasses for Her Interview with Barbara WaltersBecause she loves her.
  18. disco heaven
    How Pretty Does Gaga Look on the Cover of Elle?She looks stunning, and not because she’s wearing crazy things.
  19. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga Performs Virtually Naked at Marc Jacobs’s After-PartySomehow it was inspired by Marc’s show.