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  1. disco barneys
    Inside Gaga’s Twisted Holiday WorkshopA wonderland of armadillo-shoe cookies, Swarovski-encrusted teacups, hair-bow headbands, rock-candy earrings, and toddler-size biker jackets.
  2. disco shopping
    Gaga’s Barneys Thing Opens at 11:59 TonightWell, what else are you going to do with yourself but go there and see her in the flesh?
  3. disco barneys
    The Official Countdown to Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys Has BegunThe “retail environment” and holiday windows will launch at midnight on November 21.
  4. disco shopping
    The Limelight Marketplace Will Try to Stifle Its Unpopularity by Becoming One Big Department StoreThe owner claims it will be like Barneys.
  5. disco shopping
    No One Bought Lady Gaga’s Mugler Dress on Gilt GroupeWhat happens to it now?
  6. disco shopping
    The Mugler Dress Worn by Lady Gaga Is Still Available for $20,000 [Updated]There’s still plenty of other stuff to buy, though.
  7. disco shopping
    Lady Gaga’s Gilt Groupe Sale Will Include the Dress She Wore at the Mugler ShowPlus some other stuff Nicola Formichetti picked out.
  8. celebrities in the wild
    Jay-Z Threw Down Some Serious Cash for Christmas PresentsOne more reason why Beyoncé’s life sounds nice.
  9. disco shopping
    Lady Gaga Did More Shopping Without Pants On Yesterday, This Time at BergdorfShe wore sheer crystal-studded pantyhose and bought a boatload of Hermès and Chanel stuff.
  10. disco shopping
    Lady Gaga Bought Stuff at a Preppy Clothing Store in Paris TodayPossibly pants, which she obviously wasn’t wearing.
  11. disco shopping
    The New Limelight: Your One-stop Shop for Vaginal Perfume and Fine GelatoIt’s the mall that has everything you don’t need!
  12. disco shopping
    Limelight to Open FridayGear up for Chelsea’s sprawling new mini-mall.
  13. disco shopping
    Limelight Marketplace Opening Date Delayed to May 7When we visited the space last week, it still looked very much like a construction site.
  14. disco shopping
    Greenpoint Jewelry Store Old Hollywood Joining the Limelight MarketplaceIt’s the only jewelry vendor in the three-story complex so far.
  15. disco shopping
    Will the Limelight Marketplace Be a Success?Get your glow sticks ready! It opens soon.