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  1. renaissance
    Here’s What We Know About Beyoncé’s Uncle, JonnyThe singer dedicated her new album to her “godmother.”
  2. first look
    Gavin Turek Needed to Find Her Alter EgoAn exclusive look at the soul singer’s debut full-length album.
  3. self-isolation
    A Disco Playlist for Dark TimesA New York DJ suggests some uplifting songs to take your mind off the present.
  4. gallery
    See New York’s Real Last Days of DiscoBill Bernstein photographed the dance floors of the late ‘70s, including Studio 54. 
  5. pull it together
    Outfit of the Week: The Butterfly EffectChaos theory takes on turquoise blue, white leather, black satin, and inky cashmere to create a rare and rebellious look.