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  1. The Psychological Satisfaction of Watching Gross-out Videos on YouTubeWhy zit-popping and ingrown hairs offer that vicarious thrill.
  2. That Nails-on-a-Chalkboard Feeling May Be Its Own Separate EmotionNot just the shivers, not quite disgust.
  3. Insects Are Scary Because Your Brain Confuses Disgust With FearHow can something so small and harmless be so terrifying?
  4. eating behavior
    The Lie That Many People Who Eat Meat Tell ThemselvesWould you eat an alien species called a trablan? What if it was dumb as heck?
  5. Toronto’s Poop-Themed Restaurant Defies Human PsychologyDisgust usually trumps dessert.
  6. GMOs
    Why Many GMO Opponents Will Never Be Convinced OtherwiseWhen it comes to matters of disgust, a lot of people aren’t really interested in evidence.
  7. Why You Find Strangers Grosser Than Your FriendsAnd how a sweaty T-shirt helps explain group identity.
  8. political psychology
    Why the Planned Parenthood Video Worked So WellDisgust is a powerful motivator.
  9. consumer psychology
    Why Japanese People Aren’t Grossed Out by That Black Burger King BurgerThe color has a much different cultural meaning over there.