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  1. work from home
    I Miss the Distraction of the OfficeThe last thing I thought I’d be longing for.
  2. distractions
    This Dakota Johnson Home Tour Is Pure ASMRSo soothing.
  3. distractions
    Kellyanne Conway Interrupts Interview to Say ‘Hi’ to Squirrel“God, I hope that’s a squirrel and not a rat.”
  4. The Accidental-Death Rate Is Rising, in Part Because of Our Wandering MindsThe general assumption is that we are living in a safety-crazed era, but the numbers suggest a different story.
  5. distractions
    The Fidget-Spinner Debate Seems to Be CrescendoingPartly it’s about fidget-spinners, but partly it’s about … well, a lot of other stuff going on in America’s education system.
  6. the office
    The Worst Work Distraction Is a Noisy Co-workerYou are not the only one who feels this way.
  7. distractions
    Neurotic People Are More Easily Distracted at WorkWorrying about stuff takes up a lot of your attention.
  8. distractions
    Why Everyone But You Is Always Walking While TextingIt’s called the self-enhancement bias. 
  9. studies
    Your Cell Phone Is Distracting You Even If You’re Trying to Ignore ItAny kind of noise from your phone is enough to divert your attention, a study claims.
  10. the brain
    Signs You’re Suffering From ‘Dementia of the Preoccupied’A modern (if made-up) neurological ailment. 
  11. Writers, Take Note: Distractions Weaken Your WordsAlso: The modern office drone is interrupted up to 12 times an hour! 
  12. Free Cash Can’t Even Distract Us From Our PhonesA new study highlights the things our cell phones cause us to miss. 
  13. Cracking Your iPhone Screen, and Other Real-Life ‘Own Goals’PAY ATTENTION, basically, says a psychologist who studies this stuff.
  14. work smarter
    Work Smarter: Even a 3-Second Distraction Can Screw You UpOr, how your Gchat addiction messes you up at work.