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  1. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama and Beyoncé Are Officially Pen PalsMore! More!
  2. divas
    No, Beyoncé Will Not Wrap You in Soft, Warm Furs and Cradle You LovinglyThat sort of service is reserved for a very special little someone.
  3. too sexy for youtube
    Madonna Can’t Believe Her ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Video Got CensoredReally?
  4. divas
    Will Jennifer Lopez Perform at This Year’s Costume Institute Gala?Vogue says no, but let’s not let that get in the way of a good rumor.
  5. cover girls
    Video: Behind the Scenes of J.Lo’s Vogue Cover Shoot“I’m just a regular woman.”
  6. divas
    Like Mother, Like Daughter: Beyoncé & Blue Ivy’s Shoes MatchWell, sort of.
  7. divas
    Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé to Co-Star in a MovieThey’ll sing together!
  8. divas gone shopping
    Rihanna Spent Five Hours Shopping in London’s Flagship Topshop StoreHow exhausting.
  9. divas
    Video: Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin Tell the Kids to ‘Use a Condom’When Nicki didn’t have the words, Ricky was there to help her out.
  10. fashion yearbook
    Fashion Recap: Divas at the Grammys!Breasts, Hawaiian shirts, and dyed hair abound.
  11. r.i.p. whitney
    In Pictures: Whitney Houston Remembering the singer on the evening of her death.
  12. body issues
    Adele Responds to Karl Lagerfeld’s Fat CommentMost of us don’t.
  13. celebrimodels
    Chaka Khan, Patti Stanger Model at Fashion Week One was Patti Stanger. Is there a better way to start this thing again?
  14. divas
    Anna Wintour Reacts to Madonna’s Halftime ShowDid we not tell you it would be good?
  15. arbitrary lists
    Eight Reasons to Get Excited About Madonna’s Super Bowl ShowAs if you needed them, but in any case! It’s a good excuse to run a lot of photos of her from the eighties.
  16. om god
    Lady Gaga’s Yoga Teacher Mouths OffWell, that’s what her yoga instructor says.
  17. how perry couture
    What Katy Perry Should Wear From the New Couture ShowsThe Grammys are almost here, and she’ll obviously need at least ten looks for that.
  18. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Diva Medley at the Etam Lingerie ShowGrace Jones! Gloria Gaynor! Chaka Khan!
  19. divas
    All the Looks From Nicki Minaj’s New ‘Stupid Hoe’ VideoThey’re bright, they’re zany, and we think there’s some mango.
  20. make it work
    Runway Recap: Putting Lipstick on a PigAnd not just any old pig either.
  21. cover girls
    Glamour Paris Forgot That Beyoncé Is PregnantWe’ve all been there, right?
  22. babyonce
    Will Babyoncé Make Her Arrival Today?Polish the trumpets and get bags of glitter ready to throw around, just in case.
  23. divas
    Rihanna Wears Overalls in ‘You Da One’ VideoAn innovative nightclub look by the one who’s been through them all.
  24. look of the day
    Beyoncé Wore Animal-Print Leggings Last NightAnd high heels, of course.
  25. backlash
    Rihanna Curses the Dutch Magazine That Printed Racist Things About HerSee her surprisingly forceful tweets.
  26. look of the day
    Jennifer Hudson Made a Bold Statement in PastelsThigh-high Francesco Scognamiglio boots!
  27. gaffes
    Dutch Fashion Magazine Apologizes for Calling Rihanna the N-WordThey add that she has “a ghetto ass,” which is also unwise.
  28. it’s a squeeze
    Fergie Wore a Dress That She Couldn’t Zip Up All the WayShould we applaud her honesty or frown upon her insistence on wearing something so ill-fitting?
  29. gagapalooza
    All the Looks From Gaga’s Mad ‘Marry the Night’ VideoA fourteen-minute-long video means lots of fashion.
  30. divas
    J.Lo’s Moroccan Mall PerformanceLet’s hope her jumpsuit-filled suitcases didn’t get lost or delayed.
  31. disco books
    First Look: Terry Richardson’s Lady Gaga Photo BookWith lots of fake blood, monster claws, and Gaga wearing underwear.
  32. disco covers
    A Very Gaga Thanksgiving? Christmas? Try New Year.She’s on the cover of the new Vanity Fair and British Elle.
  33. divas
    Rihanna Made a Couple of Outfits for ArmaniJeans, tees, panty sets all included.
  34. disco shopping
    Gaga’s Barneys Thing Opens at 11:59 TonightWell, what else are you going to do with yourself but go there and see her in the flesh?
  35. divas
    Rihanna Wore Shoes With Curse Words Drawn on ThemShe may have even drawn the curses on herself!
  36. divas
    Johnny Weir Always Keeps Spare Underwear in His Birkin“I’m a bit weird with underwear. If I’ve gone more than about six hours in the same pair, I need to change them.”
  37. babyonce
    Babyonce’s Diapers Will Not Be Regular DiapersDuh.
  38. put a ring on it
    Guess Who Designed Beyoncé’s Wedding Dress?There’s only one option, really, and it’s not Vera Wang.
  39. put a ring on it
    Beyoncé’s Real Wedding Dress Finally RevealedNaturally, it was the gigantic kind of wedding dress.
  40. model tracker
    Janice Dickinson Reportedly Brought Some Crazy to H&M“Of course I don’t use dressing rooms. There was no one in the store.”
  41. divas
    Miss Piggy Went to the Country Music Awards Last NightShe’d make the ceremony’s best dressed list, too.
  42. donatella
    Versace for H&M to Descend on New York Tonight in Fashion Show FormPier 57 will become ‘Versace for H&M Hall on the Hudson’, because it wouldn’t do to just call it Pier 57.
  43. plus size
    Visionaire Made the World’s Biggest MagazineCan you guess who’s on the cover? Hint: Her name starts with ‘g’ and ends with ‘a’.
  44. cover girls
    Adele’s ‘Surprising’ Cosmopolitan Cover Is HereAnd the surprise is presumably leopard print — or is it?
  45. bump-once
    See Beyoncé’s Trailer Park Looks in Her ‘Party’ VideoIncluding but not limited to designer runway pieces.
  46. bump-once
    Babyoncé Is Reportedly a GirlA girl who’ll RUN THE WORLD.
  47. divas
    Cosmopolitan’s Rumored Adele Cover Story Promises to ‘Surprise’Maybe they’ll photograph more than just part of her face.
  48. divas
    Rihanna’s Broken Out Her Fall WardrobeFur scarves and collars abound: a sure-fire sign the seasons are changing.
  49. divas
    See Miss Piggy’s Full MAC Makeup LineIt’s classic and feminine, just like its namesake.
  50. divas
    Rihanna’s New Music Video Features Agyness DeynWell, her voice, that is.
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