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  1. overloaded
    I’m the Only Doctor in My ER Who Stands Up to the CopsEmergency rooms are stressful even without the threat of brutality.
  2. science of us
    Maybe I Should Quit Everything and Join CrossFitDoctors are also getting on board.
  3. science of us
    The Real Healing Effects of Fake MedicineA look into the wild world of placebos.
  4. what should i get
    5 Dermatologists on the Best Beauty Buys Under $100 at SephoraFree advice without the copay.
  5. science of us
    Unsurprisingly, Many Women With PCOS Don’t Trust Their DoctorsIt’s common to wait years for a diagnosis.
  6. politics
    Trump Doctor Says He Feels ‘Raped’ After His Office Was ‘Raided’Harold Bornstein claimed that three people showed up and took all of the president’s medical records.
  7. dna tests
    Woman Makes Shocking Discovery About Her Dad With Ancestry.com DNA TestWhen she first received her DNA test results, she thought there had been a mistake.
  8. suggestions
    How All Doctors Should BeStop acting like I’m a regular mortal, please.
  9. Why We Trust Doctors More If We Can Relate to ThemEven though sharing a common life experience doesn’t always mean you’ll get better care.
  10. How Much Getting a Shot Hurts Might Depend on How Much You Trust Your DoctorA new study in a simulated doctor’s office is a useful reminder of how complicated and context-dependent pain is.
  11. doctors
    These Are the Most Prestigious DiseasesA sociologist in Norway has been studying how doctors there view various diseases, and his results are telling.
  12. This Robotic Butt Is Giving Doctors a Better Chance to Save Men’s LivesA smart idea to help solve a big problem.
  13. end of life care
    A Lot of Cancer Patients Aren’t on the Same Page As Their DoctorsAs a new study shows, the numbers are quite depressing.
  14. Female Doctors Get Paid Way Less Than Male Doctors DoA new study looks at a larger, objective sample of doctors.
  15. bad doctors
    Why Do We Treat Sexually Abusive Doctors Differently Than Other Predators?A stethoscope is not a shield.
  16. women at work
    A Crazy Percentage of Female Doctors Have Been Sexually HarassedA new survey offers up some sobering statistics.
  17. never leaving the house again
    Horrifying Study Says Medical Errors Could Be the Third Leading Cause of DeathSounds like a great time to become a hermit.
  18. shmashmortion
    More Young Docs Want to Be Abortion ProvidersTake that, anti-choice legislation.
  19. vagina talk
    Meet Twitter’s Resident GynecologistJennifer Gunter is helping to spread the truth about women’s bodies, one tweet at a time.
  20. sleep
    Why Are Some Doctors Arguing for a Return to Dangerous, Exhausting Work Hours?A bad idea that won’t die.
  21. awkward topics
    Squeamish Docs Not Giving Ringing Endorsement for HPV VaccineSome don’t want to talk about preteens having sex — but experts say that’s the wrong approach anyway.
  22. the money
    How Physicians Actually Make Money These DaysOne internist opens his books: great calling, lousy business.
  23. fresh prince
    The Man Who Made Botox Ubiquitous Is Dead [Updated]Dr. Fredric Brandt was found in his Miami mansion.
  24. ovaries week
    10 Men Explain Why They Became GynecologistsBecause we’ve always been curious.
  25. speculums and such
    Annual Pelvic Exams: Pretty Much Pointless?Great, we love having a near-stranger prod our genitals for no reason.
  26. studies
    Even Female Doctors Earn 25 Percent Less Than Their Male ColleaguesThe wage gap is persistent among physicians.
  27. having it all
    Women Allowed to Be Doctors, Lawyers NowStill not allowed to make partner.
  28. first person
    My ‘Diet Caffeine-Free Rape’“You need a new word,” he said. “‘Diet Rape.’ ‘Caffeine-free rape.’ ‘I can’t believe it’s not rape.’”