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  1. horny week forever
    Aggressively Horny Dolphin Wreaks Havoc on Seaside French TownThe dolphin, Zafar, keeps rubbing up on humans and boats, “often clearly in a state of sexual arousal.”
  2. romance
    Male Dolphins Apparently Bring Female Dolphins PresentsEspecially when they want to mate.
  3. drama
    Whales and Dolphins Also Love to Get Drunk on GossipTurns out humans aren’t the only messy mammals who live for drama.
  4. hurricane irma
    Watch a Reporter Rescue Two Dolphins While Covering Hurricane IrmaOne was a baby.
  5. Male Dolphins Are Wearing Tiny Sponge Hats to Impress FemalesThe pick-up artists of the sea.
  6. Dolphins Love to Talk About Their ProblemsNew research shows they have a special language for solving tricky tasks.
  7. photobomb
    Unborn Baby One-upped by a DolphinSorry, kid: You’ll never do better.
  8. obsessive tester
    Is Your Face Wash Killing This Dolphin?Try these exfoliators that do not contain microbeads. 
  9. but is it art?
    Photos: Wander Into a Crazy, Life-Size Barbie Dreamhouse“It was this giant pink wasteland in the middle of East Berlin.”
  10. dolphins
    Proenza’s Special Place: Avatars and DolphinsPurple dolphins.