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Domestic Violence

  1. explainer
    Everything We Know About the Ryan Phillippe Domestic Violence AllegationsHe has been accused of aggressive behavior before.
  2. Mom of Charlottesville Driver Previously Called 911 to Report He Was Beating HerPolice records show James Alex Fields Jr. had a history of domestic violence.
  3. domestic violence
    Saudi Man Sentenced to Just 19 Months in Prison for Setting His Wife on FireShe’ll get no compensation for her costly surgeries.
  4. Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Suspended After Domestic-Violence InvestigationHe’s expected to appeal.
  5. Man Allegedly Murdered His Wife Because She ‘Wouldn’t Stop Laughing at Him’He allegedly told a witness, “She would not stop laughing at me.”
  6. Man Arrested After Allegedly Confessing on Reddit to Murdering His GirlfriendAger Hasan allegedly stabbed Melinda Vasilije to death in April.
  7. Blac Chyna Claims Rob Kardashian Made Repeated Suicide Threats in New Legal Docs“I take his threats seriously because he showed me his gun at his house.”
  8. Blac Chyna Accuses Rob Kardashian of Domestic Violence in New Legal DocumentsAccording to legal documents obtained by TMZ.
  9. johnny depp and amber heard
    Johnny Depp’s Former Business Managers Allege Depp Abused Amber HeardDepp was reportedly “extremely volatile.”
  10. What Hairstylists Know About Domestic ViolenceNew legislation aims to train salon workers to spot signs of domestic violence in their clients.
  11. Actress Arrested for Throwing Cleaning Liquid at Her BoyfriendShe was reportedly arrested for domestic violence on Sunday.
  12. domestic violence
    Why Would a Woman Want to Talk to the Man Who Abused Her?In her new documentary, Attiya Khan does just that — and explores the possibilities of “restorative justice.”
  13. domestic violence
    New Bill Would Require Domestic Abusers to Wear GPS TrackersThe Maryland bill was introduced in the memory of a woman who was killed by an abusive ex-boyfriend.
  14. What the San Bernardino Shooter’s Facebook Page Reveals About Domestic ViolenceCedric Anderson’s pattern of behavior provides a case study.
  15. domestic violence
    Former Spice Girl Mel B Details Horrific Claims of Spousal AbuseHer husband allegedly abused her and “threatened to destroy [her] life in every possible way.”
  16. bad tweets
    Terrence Howard Went on a Tweetstorm about Domestic-Violence ‘Double Standard’The Empire star had some thoughts to share.
  17. domestic violence
    3 Couples Counselors On What Big Little Lies Gets Right About Domestic ViolenceThe show explores the personal dynamics of abuse.
  18. domestic violence
    This Bill to Protect Domestic-Violence Victims’ Pets Could Save Women’s LivesThe PAWS Act aims to make it easier for those experiencing domestic violence to leave their abuser without fear of what will happen to their pets.
  19. domestic violence
    In Russia, It’s Now No Longer a Criminal Offense to Abuse Your SpousePutin just signed into law an amendment that decriminalizes domestic violence.
  20. Russia’s Parliament Voted to Decriminalize Certain Types of Domestic ViolenceParliament voted 380-3 to pass the bill.
  21. celebrity divorces
    Amber Heard Is Finally Free of Johnny DeppThe divorce is final.
  22. The Florida Airport Gunman Shows How Domestic Violence Predicts Mass KillingViolence begets violence.
  23. everyday sexism
    Russia Could Decriminalize Domestic ViolenceA bill decriminalizing domestic violence just passed its first reading in Russian parliament.
  24. politics
    Ex-Wife of Trump’s Cabinet Pick Appeared on Oprah As a Domestic Violence VictimAndrew Puzder’s ex-wife appeared on the show to discuss being a victim of domestic abuse.
  25. domestic violence
    Why France’s President Pardoned a Woman Who Murdered Her HusbandFrançois Hollande pardoned Jacqueline Sauvage on Wednesday.
  26. domestic violence
    South Carolina State Rep. Allegedly Beat His Wife and Pointed a Gun at HerRepublican Chris Corley of South Carolina was arrested and charged with domestic violence.
  27. Amber Heard Resented the Label of Domestic Violence ‘Victim’The actress penned an essay in Porter magazine.
  28. domestic violence
    Man Behind Ohio’s Strictest Anti-Abortion Bill Once Accused of Domestic ViolenceSenator Kris Jordan’s wife called 911 and told officers he had become violent toward her “numerous times.”
  29. Domestic-Violence Killings Rise in NYC Even Though the Murder Rate Has DroppedThere have been more domestic-violence homicides this year than last year.
  30. Here’s Why Amber Heard Hasn’t Given Her Divorce Settlement to CharityJohnny Depp might be threatening to renegotiate.
  31. violence against women
    This Offensive TV Show Gave Women Tips for Hiding Domestic-Violence BruisesWomen were outraged and demanded the footage be removed.
  32. psa
    Watch Amber Heard’s Domestic-Violence PSA: ‘You’re Not Alone’The video is part of the GirlGaze Project.
  33. Mets Pitcher Arrested for Domestic Violence After Appearing in Anti-Violence AdFamilia recently starred in an anti-domestic violence ad.
  34. horrible things
    Woman Killed After Turning Down Marriage Proposal in Horrific Murder CaseWendy Sabatini, a mother of two, was murdered in her own home.
  35. domestic violence
    New York Giants Kicker Josh Brown Reportedly Admitted to Abusing His Wife“I viewed myself as a God basically and she was my slave.”
  36. Rolling Stone Removed a Story About Domestic Violence After the NBA ComplainedThe article was removed two days after it was published.
  37. domestic violence
    Georgia Sued for Making Domestic Violence Victims to Pay Court FeesThe state required anyone who reported domestic violence to pay a fee of at least $50 if they declined to press charges.
  38. awful things
    A Husband Who Beat His Wife Had His Conviction Overturned for the Worst ReasonAn appeals court ruled the voice-mail that recorded her screams could not be used as evidence.
  39. This Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Nearly Beat Her to Death for Turning Down SexHer partner was sentenced to 16 months in jail.
  40. Domestic Violence Has a Huge Impact on the Wage GapAs many as one in three women experience violence at the hands of a partner, and it has a huge impact on their productivity.
  41. crime
    5 Killed After Helping Woman Escape Abusive ExA pregnant woman was among Derrick Dearman’s victims.
  42. domestic violence
    Cubs Apologize After Playing ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ for Accused Domestic AbuserSomehow nobody thought this was a bad idea.
  43. crime
    Trump Supporter Beat Wife Who Backs ClintonOnly this election.
  44. horrible things
    The Brock Turner Judge Failed Another Assault Survivor the Same DayThe same day he sentenced Brock Turner, he made sure an abusive ex-fiancé could keep working.
  45. domestic violence
    Ray Rice Says He Would Donate His NFL SalaryHe says he would donate his earnings to organizations focused on prevention and support for victims.
  46. crime
    Sarah Palin’s Son Track Takes Plea Deal in Domestic-Violence CaseMama Grizzly will be happy.
  47. the body politic
    What Mass Killers Really Have in CommonThe horrific connection between terrorism and domestic violence.
  48. johnny depp and amber heard
    Why Winona Ryder on Johnny Depp Shouldn’t MatterRyder came forward to say “he was never violent towards me.”
  49. scotus
    SCOTUS Upholds Law Prohibiting Convicted Domestic Abusers From Owning GunsAnother big win.
  50. johnny depp and amber heard
    Disney CEO Is ‘Not Worried’ About Claims of Johnny Depp’s Domestic Violence “We have Jack Sparrow.”
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