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Don’t Weight Up

  1. size matters
    Robyn Lawley Discusses Posing Naked With BunniesBut this has absolutely nothing to do with bestiality.
  2. don’t weight up
    Another Awful Story About Models Eating Paper Products to Stay ThinCourtesy of a new tell-all book by ex-Vogue editor Kirstie Clements.
  3. mad people
    Coco Rocha Defends Those Banana Republic Mad Men Ads“It’s a Twiggy sort of style.”
  4. don’t weight up
    Backlash Mounts Against Banana Republic’s Latest Mad Men CollectionSome customers feel Coco Rocha doesn’t adequately reflect the show’s curvier silhouettes.
  5. don’t weight up
    Balenciaga’s History of Dressing Fat WomenCristóbal couldn’t refuse a good zaftig gal.
  6. girls girls girls
    Will Girls Be Believable Now That the Actresses Look ‘Hollywood’?Allison Williams’s weight loss gets discussed in season two.
  7. don’t weight up
    ‘Fat’ Fashion Bloggers Gain Attention, But Not ClothesFrom large mainstream brands, at least. Small labels are another story.
  8. don’t weight up
    Sorry, Middle America: You’re Too Fat for ZaraTry, try again.
  9. cover girls
    Anne Hathaway’s Les Mis Diet Was Historically Accurate, Sort Of?Dried-up crackers made of old oatmeal.
  10. things are looking upton
    Can Vogue Make Kate Upton a Poster Girl for Healthy Models?They’re certainly trying.
  11. quotables
    Robyn Lawley: ‘That Heroin Chic Look Isn’t My Cup of Tea’“That starvation look isn’t for everybody.”
  12. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Shares Thoughts on AnorexiaIt has “nothing to do with fashion,” he says.
  13. model tracker
    Numéro Photoshops Karlie Kloss’s Topless PictureRibs are disposable, really.
  14. don’t weight up
    Teen Vogue Was Apparently Rude to Protesters YesterdayAlso, they gave the activists free copies of the magazine.
  15. don’t weight up
    Teen Vogue: Prepare for Tomorrow’s ProtestersThe same group that demonstrated against Seventeen magazine will pay a visit to the Condé Nast building tomorrow.
  16. don’t weight up
    Janice Dickinson Is Also Suspicious of Vogue’s New Health InitiativeAnd has more nasty things to say about Tyra, too.
  17. don’t weight up
    Cindy Crawford on Vogue’s Health Initiative“That was never one of my issues.”
  18. don’t weight up
    New Study Shows That Thin Models Don’t Make Most Women Want to ShopIn fact, research shows women are more likely to buy clothes modeled by someone closer to their own size.
  19. don’t weight up
    Beth Ditto on Adele and Karl Lagerfeld“He’s just an eccentric designer who makes amazing art but doesn’t always say the coolest sh*t.”
  20. don’t weight up
    Vogue Makes an International Pact to Use Healthy ModelsTheir global Health Initiative will launch in Vogue’s nineteen international June editions.
  21. bans
    What Do ‘Thinspo’ Bans Really Accomplish?A rep from the National Eating Disorder Association weighs in.
  22. don’t weight up
    Natalia Vodianova Defends Her ‘Fat’ Comments“Yes, I choose to do more and eat less.”
  23. don’t weight up
    Instagram Bans ‘Thinspo,’ Won’t Promote Self-Harm Content“Any account found encouraging or urging users to embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders … will result in a disabled account without warning.”
  24. don’t weight up
    Natalia Vodianova: ‘It’s Better to Be Skinny Than to Be Fat’Read her thoughts on dieting, losing weight after childbirth, and how she (doesn’t) train before running a marathon each year.
  25. don’t weight up
    Why Is It So Hard For People to Tell What Size They Are?New studies show that people are very bad at gauging their own weight.
  26. don’t weight up
    What Ashley Judd’s Weeklong ‘Puffy Face’ Media Blitz Has AccomplishedA much-needed conversation about judging women’s appearances in the age of plastic surgery.