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Don’t Tweet This

  1. don’t tweet this
    Rihanna Is Shooting a Second American Vogue CoverShe just tweeted that Annie Leibovitz will be shooting her.
  2. backlashes
    Nina Garcia Has Some Misconceptions About Birkin BagsNamely, what percentage of your salary they might cost.
  3. don’t tweet this
    For the Last Time, Lucky’s John Jannuzzi Is Not Behind @CondeElevatorHaven’t we been over this already?
  4. don’t tweet this
    The Writer of Condé Nast’s Elevator Twitter Feed Appears to Have Retired [Updated]All evidence points to a staffer at ‘GQ’ as the culprit.
  5. don’t tweet this
    Apparently People at Condé Nast Use Elevator Time to Judge Each Other’s BreakfastsAnd generally talk about how awesome they are.
  6. don’t tweet this
    Marc Jacobs Employee Loses Composure on Company Twitter FeedIt was his second-to-last day on the job.
  7. don’t tweet this
    Rumors About Stefano Pilati’s Fate at YSL Resurface Thanks to Illicit TweetsKenzoPR tweeted that an “established French house” is letting its designer go.
  8. don’t tweet this
    Kenneth Cole Apologizes for Egypt TweetMeanwhile, a parody account has emerged to mock the gaffe and demand a charitable donation from the brand.
  9. don’t tweet this
    Kenneth Cole Tries to Plug His Spring Line by Making Light of the Crisis in EgyptTwitter is not a toy.