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Donald Trump Is A Terrible Person

  1. trumpcare
    Being Sexually Assaulted Could Make Your Health Insurance More ExpensiveBeing a woman is a health-care liability again.
  2. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Allegedly Propositioned the Former Miss HungaryThis was possibly during the same trip as the infamous golden-showers incident.
  3. everyday racism
    Don’t Try to Gaslight Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie About Trump’s Racism“I am sorry, but if you are a white man you don’t get to define what racism is.”
  4. 2016 election
    Here Are All of the Accusations Women Have Made Against Donald TrumpA roundup of all the allegations against Trump.
  5. donald trump is a terrible person
    Adult Actress Jessica Drake Is the Latest Trump Assault Accuser“This is not acceptable behavior for anyone, much less a presidential candidate.”
  6. today in donald trump
    Trump Planning to Sue ‘Liars’ Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault“All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”
  7. everyday sexism
    Donald Trump Fired Khloé Kardashian From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Over Her WeightHe pretended it was because of her DUI.
  8. Putting Up With Trump Was Part of Billy Bush’s Job, Says LawyerApparently Bush would have been fired for standing up to Trump.
  9. 2016 election
    Watch Donald Trump’s Reaction After Being Called a ‘Sexual Predator’ in 2006He laughed.
  10. you go joe
    Here’s What Joe Biden Had to Say About Trump Before New Accusations Even EmergedBiden said Trump “engaged in the textbook definition of sexual assault.”
  11. pussies in formation
    Dozens of Women Are Protesting Donald Trump Outside Trump TowerThey want officials to withdraw their support for Trump.
  12. grab ‘em by the what now?
    Billy Bush Will Soon Be Out at NBC, According to New ReportCNN’s Brian Stelter says he’s out after the Donald Trump tape.
  13. everyday sexism
    Donald Trump Reportedly Told a Former Exec That ‘Men Are Better Than Women’Barbara Res said Trump would brag about women chasing him.
  14. grab ‘em by the what now?
    Billy Bush Reportedly Bragged About the Trump Tape to NBC StaffHe boasted about the tape at an August party in Rio.
  15. amber tamblyn
    Read What Amber Tamblyn Wrote About Being Sexually AssaultedShe’s one of many, many people sharing their experiences of being assaulted as a response to Trump’s awful comments.
  16. saturday night live
    Saturday Night Live Cold Open Roasts Trump While Hillary CelebratesThat clip of Trump with Billy Bush is a gift from the comedy gods.
  17. grab ‘em by the what now?
    Even Melania Trump Is Mad About Donald Trump’s Groping CommentsSomeone’s sleeping on the couch tonight.
  18. rape culture
    Women Tweet About Sexual Assault As Response to Trump CommentsKelly Oxford detailed her own experiences of assault and received thousands of tweets in response.
  19. This Video of Donald Trump Bragging About Groping Women Is Extremely Disturbing“When you’re a star they let you do it.”
  20. donald trump is a terrible person
    Donald Trump Reportedly Sexually Harassed Female Cast and Crew on The ApprenticeThe AP spoke to 20 former cast and crew members.
  21. Kesha Stands by Miss Universe Alicia Machado After Donald Trump’s Body-Shaming“You did not deserve to be shamed by this monster.”
  22. okay then
    Ivanka Trump: ‘My Father Is a Feminist’Say what?
  23. donald trump is a terrible person
    Trump Thinks Letting Women Work Is ‘Dangerous’Is anyone surprised? 
  24. donald trump is a terrible person
    Ex-Miss Universe: Trump Called Me ‘Miss Piggy’Alicia Machado says Trump brutally fat-shamed her, leading to years of disordered eating.