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  1. excuses
    Man Says He Couldn’t Have Assaulted Two Women Because His Penis Is Too SmallAh, the anatomy defense.
  2. dong watch
    Oh Dear, Now Justin Bieber Is Fully Naked While on VacationWhat is happening.
  3. dong watch
    Kate Beckinsale Dresses As Rare Pokémon The actress dressed up as the elusive “Buldgeasaur.”
  4. medical breakthroughs
    Everything We Know About the Country’s First Penis TransplantA Massachusetts man has a new penis after he lost his to cancer.
  5. going hamm
    Jon Hamm Carries Three Sausages Out of the Grocery StoreThe actor made a quick stop for the essentials.
  6. dong watch
    Samsung Has a New Spokespenis, and It Belongs to UsherUsher posted a nude photo in a recent Snapchat story … from his Samsung S7.
  7. dong watch
    Emilia Clarke Wants More Dong Shots on Game of ThronesHear, hear.
  8. dong watch
    Researchers Prod Men’s Junk to Address ConundrumDo circumcised men experience less sensitivity than intact men?
  9. dong watch
    Khloe Kardashian: ‘I’ve Never Seen a White Penis’Okay.
  10. getting it
    The Unlikely Appeal of the Dick VideoWhen solicited, of course.
  11. very modern medicine
    All Your Penis-Transplant Questions, AnsweredFirst uteruses, now penises — it’s been a good month for transplants.
  12. eggplant delight
    Talking to The Game, Instagram Thirst-Trap ChampionHe’s truly a master of the form.
  13. slam poetry
    The Game Is a Sensual, Seductive Instagram PoetThe Game for poet laureate of sex.
  14. dong watch
    Investigating the Dildos of 19th-Century NantucketOne man’s personal white whale.
  15. dong watch
    NFL Network Gives Us a Reason to Watch the NFL Network (Butts)Also … penises.
  16. dong watch
    Bieber’s Dad Being Super-Creepy About Son’s PenisHis baby boy is a man now.
  17. dong watch
    Men Trying Their Darnedest to Regrow ForeskinThe tug strug is real.
  18. dong watch
    There Are Pictures of Justin Bieber’s Big Penis on the Internet This is not a drill, people.
  19. dong watch
    ‘Weed Dick’ Is the New Way for Men to Sexually Disappoint YouIt’s like whiskey dick, but with weed.
  20. dong watch
    Is There a Phallus in This Taylor Swift Corn Maze? Do you see what I see?
  21. dong watch
    There’s a Penis for Every OccasionA new study finds women prefer different penis lengths for different occasions.
  22. brief histories
    Great Moments in Robot-Penis HistoryThere’s so much more than just a bionic penis.
  23. dong watch
    Study: It’s Not the Condom, It’s Your DickA new study found condoms don’t actually dull sensation.
  24. dong watch
    Your Guide to Lenny Kravitz’s Penis PiercingWe all saw it. But how well do we really know it?
  25. dong watch
    Lenny Kravitz’s Dick Wants to Fly Away A NSFW narrative of freedom.
  26. Today We Celebrate Penis-Shaped Meat!Hot Dog Day is a win for “sausage” lovers.
  27. dong watch
    Here Are Your Penis Beauty StandardsIs your dick hot? Or not?
  28. dong watch
    Upstanding Citizen Decorates Portland With Hundreds of DildosWhy install another bench when you can hang a dick?
  29. dong watch
    Is Gilbert Really a Good Name for a Penis? Channing Tatum, let’s talk about this.
  30. dong watch
    Seems Like the First Penis Transplant Works Really Well The proof is in the pregnancy.
  31. dong watch
    Did Anybody Else Notice the Penis on FKA Twigs’s Dress? She sneaked that one right by us.
  32. dong watch
    Soon We Can Eat in a Dick-Themed Restaurant Gender equality fully realized.
  33. gratuitous male objectification
    When Is a Penis Too Good to Break Up With? A.k.a., Dick Too Bomb.
  34. dong watch
    Florida Pilot Excels at Aerial Penis-DrawingBehold! A sky-dick.
  35. dong watch
    Adult Circumcision: Men, Sit This ‘Trend’ OutFashion is cyclical!
  36. dong watch
    Ewan McGregor Is Too Polite to Tell You About His Huge PenisAllow Colin Farrell to.
  37. dong watch
    Cristiano Ronaldo Honored With Well-Hung Statue The artist made sure to get his good side.
  38. dong watch
    Tom Ford Is Selling a Golden Penis Necklace Santa, please!
  39. that’ll do
    Here’s What Qualifies As a Hunky-Man Calendar in BushwickCats and bathtubs.
  40. dong watch
    Jamie Dornan Will Not Show Penis in Fifty Shades of GreyThis movie is cursed. Cursed.
  41. dong watch
    Medical Milestone: Lab-Grown Penises Almost Ready for Humans Alchemy? Magic? Science.
  42. dong watch
    Justin Theroux Acknowledges His Enormous PenisThank you for addressing this important phenomenon.
  43. sexplainers
    Why We Objectify Men Without GuiltThe Dong Watch will continue until morale improves.
  44. dong watch
    Meet the World’s First Professional Dongwatcher He who watches dong.
  45. dong watch
    A Woman Draws Enormous Dicks Using Nike+Born to run.
  46. what i did for love
    Episode 3: There Has Finally Been a Boner on Dating NakedThe “radical dating experiment” gets real.
  47. British Men Romp Nude in Beautiful Homoerotic GloryTush, tush, tush, tush.
  48. dong watch
    Here’s Something for Your World Cup Man WithdrawalAnd you thought Mario Göetze was known for scoring the winning goal. 
  49. dong watch
    Justin Theroux’s Junk Wins Summer Television Happy Hump Day!