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  1. things that are printed on paper
    An A-Z Guide to Indie Fashion Magazines Who they’re for, what they cover, and why you should read them.
  2. fashion history
    The 50 Most Scandalous Dresses in HistoryFrom Gaga’s meat dress to Eve’s fig leaf.
  3. cover girls
    Freja Beha Lands Another Fall CoverShe’s on her way to trans-seasonal modeling domination.
  4. tastemakers
    Skye Parrott Has Good Jeans, and Will Wear Them Into the GroundWe sat down with the photographer, editor, and shop owner to talk about her style and her life.
  5. talent scout
    Nomia’s Yara Flinn Takes On Tough Girls With a Softer SideThe fall season is about raw sexiness, while spring introduces color.