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Double Standards

  1. double standards
    Insurance Companies Not Covering ‘Female Viagra’Women who want to try Addyi are having trouble getting it.
  2. double standards
    Male Actor Discovers ‘Aging’Clooney is 54, which means he only has about 20 good years left. Tragic.
  3. that took balls
    Male Official Says Women’s Soccer Is Popular Because Players Are Prettier NowBrazil’s head of women’s soccer thanks shorter shorts for the new interest in the sport.
  4. greek life
    How to Stop Rape: Let Sororities Host the Parties?“It’s the home-court advantage,” says one sister.
  5. the bachelorette
    Why The Bachelorette Wasn’t ‘Slut-Shamed’And it’s harmful to say so.
  6. double standards
    Ellen Page Points to Another Double StandardAnd praises menswear. 
  7. uniforms
    Female Lawyers Have Most Confusing Dress CodeSkirts preferred, hoops okay, no pink.
  8. video
    Underwear Company to Men: Get on Women’s LevelWe can’t even get away with your stretched-out briefs on laundry day.
  9. double standards
    When Lesbian Athletes Come Out, We Hardly NoticeBut when Jason Collins does, he’s heralded as the first gay pro athlete.
  10. sluts
    Study: Sluttiness Is a State of MindNot wanting to be judged doesn’t make you hard-wired for monogamy.