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  1. texas abortion ban
    The Future of Abortion Doulas in Texas“Whatever comes next, there are people who are out here doing the work and will continue to do the work.”
  2. maternal health
    What It’s Like to Be a Doula for Women of ColorSix doulas in New York City discuss the challenges of their jobs.
  3. niche drama
    Infighting Is Tearing the Doula Community ApartA new story investigates the controversial million-dollar company, ProDoula.
  4. motherhood
    Guess Which Celebrity Wants to Help Deliver Your BabyRicki Lake is now a certified doula.
  5. cut cover story
    Confessions of a Radical DoulaWhy is the delivery room the one place where a woman doesn’t have control over what happens to her body?
  6. ovaries week
    My Year As an Abortion DoulaWhat it’s like to help other women end their pregnancies.