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  1. skin deep
    Lizzo Says Her Body Shouldn’t Be a Political Statement“I hope that I can post the kinds of materials that I post, showing my body, and people are just like, Beautiful picture. Next.”
  2. collaboration station
    Now Your Hair Can Wear Brother Vellies, TooDesigner Aurora James is teaming up with Dove on a silky collection for healthier hair.
  3. beauty interview
    Kelly Rowland’s New Song Will Help You Love Your HairThe music video, too.
  4. obsessive tester
    The 10 Best Body Exfoliators for Super-Smooth SkinStarting at $4.
  5. campaign trail
    The Black Model in That Racist Dove Ad Is Defending It“There is a lack of trust here.”
  6. q&a
    You’re Probably Not As Confident As Shonda Rhimes. She Wants to Fix That.She says she’s the Blue Ivy of her family.
  7. 5 new things
    5 Drugstore Launches Worthy of Your MoneyIncluding a $3 lipstick and an affordable dry shampoo.
  8. mostess
    The Key to Summer Makeup Is Embracing the HeatHow to adjust your beauty routine when the thermometer nearly breaks.
  9. 5 new things
    The 5 Best Beauty Drugstore Buys for MayIncluding a matte-yet-moisturizing lipstick and lightweight sunscreen that won’t cake.
  10. advice
    Why Is My Bikini Line So Itchy?Can’t. Stop. Scratching. 
  11. q&a
    Why Do We Fetishize Black Hair?Author Taiye Selasi discusses her new collection of poems for Dove that encourages little girls to “Love your hair, and love yourself.”
  12. hair rules
    Mary-Kate Olsen Broke Her 5-Hairpin Rule Last NightEveryone makes sacrifices for the Met Gala.
  13. dove
    Dove Parody Confirms You Aren’t a Hideous Beast “Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel unattractive? I bet you do.” 
  14. this is some dumb nonsense
    This Dove Ad Is GarbageA tear-jerking advertisement too far.
  15. drug store haul
    The 11 Most Innovative Hair Products Under $15Best of the drugstore hair aisle.
  16. armpits
    Dove Wants to Empower the Armpit Deodorant will set us free.
  17. our selfies ourselves
    Can You Empower a Selfie? Dove’s latest “Selfie” campaign seeks to find out. 
  18. men’s beauty
    Five Real-Life Patrick Batemans and Their Grooming Routines“I’m going to be a fucking vampire.”
  19. being a man
    Dove Campaign Parody: Men, Less Beautiful Than They Think“I would say that the older I’ve gotten, the more stunning I’ve gotten.”
  20. being a woman
    Beauty Above All Else: The Problem With Dove’s New Viral AdIn a smart new campaign, there’s still no mention that women would rather be called smart than beautiful.
  21. beauty secrets
    Samantha Bee Would Be Lost Without EyelinerShe also wishes she had Cate Blanchett’s ethereal glow.
  22. beauty marks
    Katy Perry Goes Purple; Introducing the GoodsmellasPlus, Madonna would like to do a men’s fragrance.
  23. beauty marks
    Kate Moss Launches a New Fragrance; Lady Gaga Dyed Her Hair to Match the Indian FlagPlus, Tom Ford secured a mansion in Palm Springs for his next fragrance campaign shoot, and more beauty news.
  24. casting call
    Dove Says Craigslist Ad for Real Women Models Wasn’t ApprovedA recent Craigslist ad called for real women with “flawless skin” and “no scars.”
  25. casting call
    Dove Seeks Women With ‘Flawless Skin’ and ‘No Scars’ for Its Next Real Beauty CampaignHow very real indeed.
  26. loose threads
    Dove: ‘Real Beauty’ IS Real; Iman: Italian ‘Vogue’ Cover Girl?The photo retoucher who told ‘The New Yorker’ he extensively altered the Dove images said his quote was taken out of context, Iman’s the rumored cover girl of the all-black Italian ‘Vogue,’ and is L.C. getting bad?
  27. fashion album
    Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign Isn’t Real!A top professional photo retoucher told ‘The New Yorker’ he did extensive work on the ads, which are supposed to depict real women au naturel.