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  1. politics
    Ivanka Trump Says She Won’t ‘Moderate’ Her Dad in Dr. Oz Appearance“I’m not a decision maker.”
  2. politics
    Ivanka Trump Will Talk About Hillary Clinton’s Book on Dr. OzThe interview is slated to air on Thursday, September 21.
  3. okay then
    Donald Trump Says He Kisses Ivanka ‘Every Chance He Gets’Just some quality father-daughter interaction.
  4. health
    Dr. Oz Says He Just Wants to Label GMO Foods —That’s Still Not a Great Idea A refresher on the public debate, in light of the TV doctor’s latest troubles. 
  5. serenity now
    14 Things You Need to Know to Talk About Transcendental MeditationYes, you need a mantra. 
  6. Why Smart People Fall for Weight-Loss ScamsThe most knowledgeable people can often be the most gullible.
  7. diet time
    I Tried 7 ‘Natural’ Weight-Loss SupplementsA (bloated, cramp-filled) performance review.