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  1. niche drama
    There Are No Winners in This Insane Fight Between Travel BloggersInstagram star Lauren Bullen caught another woman eerily re-creating all of her photos.
  2. draaahma!
    Give This Drama-Loving Reporter Who Yelled ‘Thanks a Lot, Bitch’ a Bravo ShowThe “thanks a lot, bitch” heard ’round the world.
  3. draaahma!
    Enjoy This Dramatic Email Sent to a UCLA Freshman by Her Future Roommate“I’ll turn it into a bigger situation so don’t try me.”
  4. draaahma!
    Yulia Efimova Talks Messy Olympics Doping Drama“This was more like a war.”
  5. draaahma!
    How to Watch the Olympics If You Hate Sports But Love DramaOur greatest biannual reality show.
  6. draaahma!
    Roberto Cavalli Sounds Upset With ‘Little King’ ArmaniWAR.
  7. draaahma!
    Publicist Who Was Not Slapped by Naomi Campbell Is Suing for $1 Million Now you know you don’t f–k with American people.