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Drag Queens

  1. is this flirting?
    Lauren Boebert Campaign Ran Up a $300 Tab at Her Beetlejuice Date’s BarMaybe they went on drag night?
  2. power
    Tennessee’s Drag Ban Has Been BlockedAfter a federal judge ruled that it violated the First Amendment.
  3. power
    Everything We Know About the Colorado Springs ShootingAnderson Lee Aldrich faces preliminary murder and bias-crime charges after opening fire in an LGBTQ+ nightclub.
  4. nyfw spring 2023
    Drag Queens Are the New VIPs of Fashion WeekFashion is learning to embrace drag culture outside the party scene.
  5. the bigger picture
    Queens of a Certain Age Deserve All the FlowersWith Legends of Drag, Harry James Hanson and Devin Antheus compile a living history alongside phenomenal portraits of drag icons.
  6. are u coming?
    Aly & AJ Turned Out More Than OkayA hangover-free night on the town with the former Disney pop stars.
  7. are u coming?
    Where the Wild Things (and the Straights) AreOne night at House of X, the very Manhattan alter ego to Bushwick’s House of Yes.
  8. culture
    A Different Kind of Coming-Out StoryThe kind that isn’t actually a “story.” It’s a process.
  9. portfolio
    Drag Is Back, Baby!And with it, a kaleidoscope of feelings about what comes next.
  10. recommendations
    Drag Shows Are a Happy DistractionWhere to livestream entertainment from all the best queens.
  11. the cut portfolio
    The Met Gayla Was Queer, Fabulous, and Totally AbsurdA celebration of camp in Brooklyn.
  12. send noods
    A Drag Queen, a Hot-Dog Eating Champion, and a Ton of Ramen NoodlesInside a truly surreal performance piece at the Ace hotel.
  13. life’s a drag
    Lessons in Life and Beauty From New York’s Best Drag Queens“You’re allowed to be you in an exceptional way.”
  14. gallery
    Revisit Wigstock in Vintage PolaroidsAhead of Pride weekend, discover David Yarritu’s photos from the subversive drag festival.
  15. gallery
    This Fashion Book Has Drag Queens, Paint, and PolaroidsJeremy Kost portrays makeup as identity in his new book Like One of Your French Girls.
  16. gallery
    Drag Race’s Sasha Velour Shows How to Pose for Polaroids on Warhol’s CameraShot by New York photographer Lucas Michael.
  17. gallery
    Finally There’s an Illustrated Guide to RuPaulThe first two pages say only “Shantay, you stay.”
  18. wellness theories
    RuPaul on Plastic Surgery and Being ‘Well’“I’m a sensitive, sensitive man-child. I have to be very careful with what I put into my body.”
  19. nostalgia trip
    Rare Shots of New York’s 1990s Drag SceneAn inside look at New York nightlife before drag permeated the mainstream media.
  20. you’re doing it wrong
    Here’s Your New Summer Anthem, ‘Your Makeup Is Terrible’A gift from RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Alaska Thunderfuck 5000.
  21. old photos
    ‘Private Birthday Party’: Rare Photos From Kansas City’s 1960s Drag SceneA look back at midwestern drag culture in the ‘50s and ‘60s.
  22. style tribes
    Style Tribe: Drag Queen Clothing Swap (NSFW)Eighties prom dresses, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and semi-nudity in a dive bar.
  23. victories
    Carnival Reverses Drag Costume Ban on RuPaul’s Cruise [Updated]Phew!
  24. pearls of wisdom
    The Times Solicits Drag Queens for New Year’s Eve Advice, With Awesome Results“Stilettos are supposed to hurt. That’s why there’s booze.”
  25. run through
    ‘Runway’ Recap: The Drag Queens Have Arrived!This week’s episode brought us the “pterodactyl from a gay Jurassic Park” and a giant green vagina dress.