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  1. certified lover boy
    What’s Drake Doing With All These Bras?Inquiring boobs want to know.
  2. certified lover boy
    Drake Has Apparently Thought About Proposing 42 Separate TimesHe made a diamond necklace out of 42 engagement rings instead.
  3. fashion
    Drake and 21 Savage Are Getting Sued Over Their Fake Vogue CoverIt looks like Condé Nast didn’t appreciate the promotional stunt.
  4. megan thee stallion
    Megan Thee Stallion Would Like a Word With DrakeShe called the rapper out for “using my shooting for clout.”
  5. are u coming?
    Richie Akiva Is No Longer the King of Nightclubs, Okay?His post-pandemic move: a celebrity-packed … members-only club.
  6. climate change
    Does Drake Understand Climate Change?The rapper defended his private jet’s 14-minute flights, explaining that no passengers were onboard.
  7. sigh
    Drake Had a Very Thirsty VacationApparently he went yachting with someone named Suede Brooks in St. Tropez, but is still shooting his shot with strangers.
  8. oh no no no
    Well, This Is Questionable Restaurant BehaviorNot Drake trying to AirDrop a random woman a photo of herself …
  9. music videos
    Who Told Tristan Thompson This Was a Good Idea?He has a cameo in Drake’s new music video, which is one big polygamous fantasy.
  10. mysteries
    What Is Taylor Swift Doing on Drake’s Instagram?A riddle in the form of a photo dump.
  11. sports!
    No One Had More Fun at the Super Bowl Than Martha StewartHer weekend involved caviar, Guy Fieri, puppies, and Drake.
  12. champagne ponzi
    Why Is Drake Hanging Out With the Wolf of Wall Street?Please, no.
  13. culture
    Drake Thinks His Next Album Will Get You PregnantAt least that’s what his cover art implies.
  14. now smell this
    Drake’s Finally Launching His CandlesHappy Mother’s Day, from Champagne Papi.
  15. clubhouse
    Everything You Need to Know About ClubhouseWhy do I need to be invited?
  16. an investigation
    So, When Is Drake Launching His Scented Candles?An in-depth investigation.
  17. cut chats
    Trying to Understand Drake’s HouseSo … it’s a mall?
  18. romance
    Is Kylie Jenner Dating Drake?The two have been spotted at multiple parties together in past weeks.
  19. oh!
    Just a Few Questions About Drake’s $750,000 ‘Erotic Watch’The watch he wore to Game Five of the NBA Finals had a very NSFW message on it.
  20. canada
    Drake Took ‘O Canada’ to the Next LevelHe really got into the Canadian national anthem at the Raptors game.
  21. celebrity
    Drake Has Abs and a Boeing 767He’s ready for summer!
  22. fancy things
    Hopefully Drake Won’t Drop His New $400,000, Diamond-Encrusted iPhone CaseHe’s got a new diamond case.
  23. love and war
    Drake Hung Out With Chris Brown at His New Year’s Eve PartyHe was spotted hanging out with Chris Brown at his New Year’s Eve party.
  24. culture
    Kim Kardashian West Issues a Very Stern Warning to DrakeKim Kardashian West has weighed in on the Kanye/Drake Twitter drama.
  25. mystery messages
    What Do You Think Drake and Kris Jenner Text About?A recent Kanye West tweet has left us with questions.
  26. a great host
    Drake Handed Out Chanel Bags at His 2000s-Themed Birthday PartyHe’s a giver.
  27. romance
    Heidi Klum Says Drake Asked Her Out, But She Ignored His TextAw.
  28. i love this song!
    Wait, Is Drake’s New Album Any Good?We know he has a baby, but what are the bops?
  29. doin it for the gram
    Drake Does Not Have Time for Your Basic Travel InstagramsLord help the woman who posts a plane-wing sunset photo in Aubrey Graham’s compaany.
  30. drake is no longer hiding a child
    All the Times Drake References His Son on His New Album“I am a da-da.”
  31. feuds
    Drake’s Dad Lashes Out at Wendy Williams in Angry Instagram PostDennis Graham has officially waded into Drake’s feud with Pusha-T.
  32. drake’s baby
    Everything We Know About Drake’s Rumored BabyIs Drake a daddy?
  33. good samaritans
    These People Reacting to Drake Surprising Them Will Make You CryWatch Drake give away $996,631.90 in his “God’s Plan” video.
  34. good things
    Drake Keeps Buying Stuff for Everyone But MeHe surprised a hotel housekeeper with a $10,000 shopping spree.
  35. good deeds
    Drake the Good Witch Descends on MiamiThe rapper is buying people’s groceries, donating to a high school, and paying a student’s college tuition.
  36. denied
    Issa Rae Is Reportedly the Latest Woman to Reject DrakeA source told E! she turned him down at the Golden Globes.
  37. celebrity heroism
    Drake Pauses Concert to Yell at Fan for Inappropriately Touching Women“I’m gonna come out there and fuck you up.”
  38. grand gestures
    Drake Has Been Collecting Birkin Bags for His Future SoulmateWe’re listening.
  39. What Is Drake Thinking About?The rapper looked pensive in a pair of Rihanna’s socks.
  40. swellness
    Drake Is So Thirsty He Invested in a Matcha CompanyNo “Passionfruit” flavor, please.
  41. meanwhile in canada
    Margaret Atwood Wants Drake to Cameo in The Handmaid’s TaleTwo Canadian legends could finally be united.
  42. Drake Dropped a New Song for Louis Vuitton’s RunwayHere’s how to listen to “Signs.”
  43. hot shot
    Canadian Prince Drake Bows to Canadian Queen Céline DionDrake and Céline Dion showed appropriate amounts of Canadian politeness to each other at the Billboard Music Awards.
  44. prom 2017
    Drake Goes to Cousin’s Prom, Gets Upstaged by Her OutfitA night to remember indeed.
  45. workout gifs
    Drake’s Trainer Shows You 4 Full-Body Workout Moves You Can Do at HomeWorkout gifs from the man who helped sculpt Drake.
  46. thirst
    Woman Reportedly Broke Into Drake’s House and Robbed Him of Refreshing BeveragesSo thirsty.
  47. look book
    See 10 Years of Drake’s Best Looks from Degrassi to More LifeFrom ill-fitting jeans to polished suits.
  48. the glow up
    12 Glowy Products in Honor of Drake and Kanye’s “Glow.”Glow up.
  49. sad drake
    Why Didn’t Drake’s Friends Stop Him From Drunk-Texting Jennifer Lopez?Sad Drake strikes again.
  50. Drake Reportedly Offered to Help Talk a Man Off a BridgeNice of him.
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