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  1. power
    Just Kidding: Senators Can’t Wear Sweats to WorkFollowing bipartisan backlash, the senators will have to wear business attire after all.
  2. power
    Missouri Will Now Require Female Lawmakers to Cover UpA new dress code requires that women representatives wear a cardigan or blazer.
  3. wedding etiquette
    The Bride and Groom Formally Request That You Dress UpThe tyranny of wedding dress codes.
  4. dress codes
    A Florida School Edited Girls’ Yearbook Photos for ‘Modesty’The images of at least 80 female students were conspicuously edited to conceal their chests and shoulders.
  5. covid-19
    What Should We Wear Now?A year into the pandemic, there are no more dress codes.
  6. schools
    You Thought Zoom (School) Couldn’t Get Any WorseDistricts across the country are still enforcing one of the most widely resented school rules: dress codes.
  7. dress codes
    Houston High School Under Fire for Instituting Dress Code — for ParentsCritics say the new guidelines target black women and lower-income families.
  8. Teen Boys in the U.K. Wear Skirts After Experiencing the Pains of a Dress CodeTo protest a no-shorts policy, boys have begun wearing skirts.
  9. mothers and daughters
    Everything Changed When My Mom Asked Me For Style TipsThe inexorable role reversal that happens with all parents and all children began when she told me she had nothing to wear.
  10. dress codes
    Trump Is Reportedly Obsessed With How the People Who Work for Him DressFor starters, he likes his female employees “to dress like women.”
  11. m’lady
    Starbucks’ New Dress Code Has Gone Too FarReinstate the fedora ban.
  12. advice
    Ask a Boss: My Employee Dresses Like a Slob!Be as straightforward as possible.
  13. overreactions
    Teacher Finds New Way to Shame a High-School Girl for Her WardrobeReviving a classic move.
  14. dress to impress
    Over-the-Top Dress Codes Are Making a Triumphant Return Better get your “fantasy evening attire” on deck.
  15. dress codes
    Could This Be the End of the Booth Babe?Sorry, nerds.
  16. weddings!
    Solange Had an Aesthetically Superior WeddingThe bride had two wedding capes!
  17. uniforms
    Female Lawyers Have Most Confusing Dress CodeSkirts preferred, hoops okay, no pink.
  18. first person
    The Jewish Morality Police Attacked My Short SkirtA run-in with Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox clothing cops.
  19. dress codes
    Few Changes Apparent in British Racegoers’ Fashions So FarWhich is both a good and a bad thing.
  20. dress codes
    Some High Schools Are Now Producing Elaborate Guides for Appropriate Prom AttireEveryone loves a good PowerPoint presentation.
  21. dress codes
    Royal Ascot Set to Change Dress Code This Year“Ladies will be given strict instructions on skirt length.”
  22. dress codes
    Columbia Business School Told Students Not to Wear Tacky Gold Cuff Links, But to Carry Extra Nude Panty HoseApparently, some of the students are having difficulty showering and dressing appropriately.
  23. crimes of fashion
    How Ten Other Retailers’ Dress Codes Compare to American ApparelDov Charney thinks it’s a witch hunt. Judging by the evidence, he may be right.
  24. art candy
    The ICP Rounds Out Its Year of Fashion With ‘Dress Codes’See how a group of fashion-inclined artists explore beauty, identity, and role play.
  25. dress codes
    Female Bank of England Employees Must Wear Makeup and Heels (Updated)Also, they can’t carry overstuffed handbags.
  26. dress codes
    More Women Than We Thought Think Dressing Slutty Will Advance Their CareersThat would be one-third.
  27. dress code
    Barack Obama Will Wear a Union-Made Suit for His Big Speech TonightWe’ve got more details on what it looks like, too!
  28. dress code
    Women’s Table-Tennis Players Urged to Wear Short Skirts, Tighter ShirtsThe International Table Tennis Association thinks it will drum up interest in the sport.
  29. dress code
    Inappropriate ‘High School Musical’ Panties Upset ParentsThe panties for 7-year-old girls say “Dive In” on the front. Not smart, Disney. Not smart.
  30. dress code
    The Pope Wears Fur … and Feels the BurnAnimal-rights activists are upset over his holy wardrobe. Frankly, we don’t know how he survives in Italy wearing fur in the summer anyway.
  31. dress code
    Kids’ Entire Future Hanging on Coolness of OutfitKids bully each other over clothes, and advertising and marketing is helping to create a generation of little label snobs. Well, obviously!
  32. dress code
    British ‘Vogue’ Disseminates the Horrors, Drama of Care LabelsThey’re big. They’re itchy. And when they stick out of clothes, it puts others in a very awkward position.
  33. dress code
    Sean Avery Pontificates on Men in ShortsHe explains that men should expose their legs because women do it, and because ladies love ogling men’s ankles.
  34. dress code
    Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama, and David Beckham Make the ‘Vanity Fair’ Best-Dressed ListSarah Jessica Parker makes her debut on the list along with Carla Bruni. Victoria Beckham is left off.
  35. dress code
    Are You Ready for Men in Skirts? Because They’ve Arrived.The Sartorialist snapped two men wearing skirts on the streets of Europe. We’re not sure we’re ready for the proliferation of man skirts.
  36. dress code
    One Million Pairs of FitFlops, Say It Ain’t SoThe fitness shoes are reportedly flying off the shelves. And we have to ask, why?
  37. dress code
    Fall Trend: Women’s Necklines Rise, Men’s FallIt seems the world is tired of “trashy looks.” And yes, the economy has something to do with it, too.
  38. dress code
    Madonna Dresses Her Age. Is That So Wrong?Eric Wilson thinks Madonna’s latest stylistic reincarnation lacks “teeth.” We think she’s keeping it real.
  39. dress code
    Fashionable Men Are Wearing High-Waters and Cutoffs This SummerHigh-waters and cutoffs are all the rage for men this summer. Seriously.
  40. dress code
    Everyone Wants to Dress Like the ‘Gossip Girl’ CastTrend forecasters call the show “one of the biggest influences on how young women spend.” Shocking, no?
  41. dress code
    No One Wants Perez Hilton’s Clothing LineNo one showed up to launch event for his clothing line at an L.A. Hot Topic last Saturday. And no one is buying his clothes. Thank God.
  42. dress code
    Does No One Want Bill Cosby’s Sweaters?Yesterday three sweaters worn by Bill Cosby on ‘The Cosby Show’ went up for auction on eBay. The bidding starts at $5,000. Surprisingly, no one has bid.
  43. dress code
    How Nina Ricci Duped Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker wore the same dress to the ‘Sex and the City’ premiere that Lauren Santo Domingo wore to the Met gala. This was not so cool of Nina Ricci.
  44. dress code
    Video: Michael Kors, Dries Van Noten, and Proenza Schouler on Summer DressingLast night, on the eve of the CFDA Awards, we chatted summer trends with Michael Kors, Dries Van Noten, and the Proenza Schouler boys. Also, Cynthia Nixon stopped by!
  45. dress code
    ‘SATC’ Style at Work Not Always Wise’Sex and the City’ has influenced a legion of women to wear more fashion-forward and revealing clothes to work. This is not always a good thing.
  46. dress code
    Jennifer Hudson Didn’t Like André Leon Talley’s StylingRemember that metallic jacket she wore to the Oscars a couple of years ago? Well, if it were up to her, she says, she wouldn’t have worn it!
  47. dress code
    Babies Really Don’t Need to Dress Like Suri CruiseParents increasingly want to dress their kids just like celebrity babies, like Suri Cruise. Sounds like just the message we probably don’t want to send today’s youth.
  48. dress code
    Why, Oh, Why Is Beyoncé Making Toddler Clothes?Deréon girls offers high heels for toddlers and attire for newborns and infants as well. We are so not okay with little girls dressing like this.
  49. dress code
    No One’s Over Anna Wintour’s Puffy Pockets YetNo one can stop talking about the puffy pockets on Anna Wintour’s Chanel Couture gown from the Costume Institute gala Monday night. We compiled some of the best quips thus far.
  50. dress code
    Imagining the Presidential Candidates in High FashionIf Simon Doonan were to dress the presidential candidates, he’d put Hillary in Comme Des Garçons, and Barack in Gaultier. See for yourself.
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