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  1. drew barrymore
    Sounds Like The Drew Barrymore Show Lost Its WritersThe three WGA members reportedly declined offers to return for the show’s fourth season, which is just days away.
  2. strikes
    Drew Barrymore Will Pause Her Talk Show After AllAfter days of blowback, the host announced ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ won’t return until the writers’ strike is over.
  3. stalkers
    Drew Barrymore’s Alleged Stalker Has Been Arrested AgainThis time, he was reportedly looking for Emma Watson.
  4. stalkers
    Who Is Drew Barrymore’s Alleged Stalker?Chad Michael Busto has been arrested after showing up at her Hamptons farmhouse.
  5. celebrity
    Don’t Take Drew Barrymore Out of ContextShe has some thoughts for the tabloids that claimed she “cannot wait” for her mother to die.
  6. q&a
    15 Glorious, Chaotic Minutes With Drew BarrymoreIn which she shares the secret to happiness and gives a brief bathroom tour.
  7. celebrity
    Drew Barrymore Thinks Bad Dates Are ‘Awesome’She may be the most optimistic single person on the planet.
  8. celebrity
    Drew Barrymore Doesn’t Need Sex to Be Happy, Thank You Very MuchThe actor hasn’t had “an intimate relationship” since her 2016 divorce.
  9. oh no no no
    Drew Barrymore’s Pizza Salad Is an AbominationPeople are having very strong reactions to her latest TikTok.
  10. celebrity
    Drew Barrymore Is Truly LivingDoes anyone else on earth FEEL this much?
  11. apologies
    Drew Barrymore Is Sorry for ‘Making Light’ of Heard v. DeppThe actress called the trial a “seven-layer dip of insanity” during her talk show.
  12. the single life
    Who Exactly Is Swiping Left on Drew Barrymore?If Drew Barrymore can’t get a match, is there hope for the rest of us?
  13. 2020
    The Drew Barrymore Show Is Where My Brain Is AtA deranged daytime talk show to define our times.
  14. media
    EgyptAir Pulls Bizarre Drew Barrymore ‘Interview’ in Wake of DramaThe writer behind the interview says it’s legit.
  15. quiz
    Celebrities Interviewing Their Celebrity Friends Is An Extremely Bad Media TrendCan you tell the actual celebrity compliments from the fake ones? A quiz.
  16. let’s makeup
    Drew Barrymore Unleashes Her Best Smolder in Her New Mascara AdFlower Beauty’s mascara will give you falsie-like lashes.
  17. inspiring
    Drew Barrymore Would Also Like to Fat in PeaceShe says she’s not pregnant she’s “just fat right now.”
  18. let’s makeup
    Drew Barrymore’s Beauty Line Will Be Sold at UltaFlower is … blossoming.
  19. celebrities know best
    I Took Pregnancy Advice From Famous PeopleBeing pregnant is so confusing. What do you eat? How much do you vomit? Only a celebrity would know the answer.
  20. celebrity pets
    25 Famous Women on Their PetsMartha Stewart, Kerry Washington, Chrissy Teigen, and more.
  21. hot shot
    Drew Barrymore Is Every Woman Doing Her Makeup During Her CommuteShe applied makeup by looking at her reflection in the hazy subway wall.
  22. instagram life
    Drew Barrymore Is Instagramming Her Beauty-Product Stash, and It’s GloriousIndulge your voyeuristic side.
  23. gallery
    Gus Van Sant’s Young Hollywood Icons, RevisitedPolaroids and paintings of Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix, Drew Barrymore, and more.
  24. look of the day
    Kate Middleton and Drew Barrymore: TwinsThey wore the same dress last night.
  25. celebrity divorces
    Drew Barrymore Is Getting DivorcedShe’s splitting with husband Will Kopelman after three years.
  26. fanny pack sunday
    Yes, That Was Drew Barrymore at Your Local Flea Market in a Fanny Pack And rocks a fanny pack.
  27. look of the day
    Drew Barrymore’s Dress Would Like to Remind You to Buy Her BookAn entreaty in florals. 
  28. priorities
    Teen Drew Barrymore Had No Time to Chase BoysChristian Bale still wonders what happened.
  29. greatest hits
    How Beyoncé, Meryl, Natalie, and More Celebrities Wore LanvinDeparting designer Alber Elbaz is really good at making women look amazing.
  30. party pics
    Lindsay Lohan Partied With Selena Gomez This WeekPlus: Oprah, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, and more from this week’s round-up.
  31. self portrait
    10 Honest Moments From This Fall’s Big MemoirsA preview.
  32. brain-dead fortnight
    Sit Back, Relax, and Watch Our Vocal-Fry Supercut“Uhhhhhh.”
  33. paparazzi pits club
    16 Famous, Glorious Women With Armpit HairMadonna, Kathleen Hanna — even Beyoncé! 
  34. pretty hurts
    30 Famous Women on Overcoming Their InsecuritiesBeyoncé, Barbra Streisand, and so many more. 
  35. party pics
    Dakota Fanning Partied With Snow-Dusted ReindeerPlus, pictures of Keira Knightley, Debbie Harry, Naomi Campbell, and more, at this week’s parties.
  36. spongeworthy
    Stella McCartney Gets the Seinfeld TreatmentWhat’s the deal with models, anyway?
  37. commuting
    Drew Barrymore Also Puts on Makeup on the SubwayConcealing. 
  38. it’s vintage
    From Beads to Plastic: 50 Celebrities in ChokersFrom Beyoncé to Princess Diana.
  39. 2014, the Year Festival Fashion Truly DiedCoachella, dreamy land of hippie approximations and sponsored hashtags. 
  40. kids
    Drew Barrymore Just Had Another, Presumably Very Adorable, KidGood name, too. 
  41. beauty interviews
    Q&A: Drew Barrymore on ’90s Beauty, How Concealer Can Be Empowering, and More“Oh my God. I think concealer is empowering. Absolutely.”
  42. snap judgement
    Being a Paparazzo Means Spotting Drew Barrymore Hiding Under a DogIt seems to be a lose-lose situation with the politesse.
  43. friends
    Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon Are Making Pasta in NapaPretty good cast.
  44. popularity contests
    Drew Barrymore’s ‘I Spy’ Book Is a Best SellerSo is Cameron Diaz’s book about anatomy. 
  45. quotable
    Drew Barrymore Sees Life As a Lucky PennyThe universe hands her a flower.
  46. party pics
    Party Pics: Lupita Nyong’o, Michelle Dockery, Sofia Coppola, and MoreHighlights from the early days of the awards-season party frenzy.
  47. shapes
    Drew Barrymore’s Decade-Long Search for Heart-Shaped Items“I love this shape so much that I started seeing it everywhere.”
  48. 37 Backstage Polaroids From Last Night’s Golden Globes AwardsBehind the scenes.
  49. egged on
    Drew Barrymore Pens an Opus on Egg SandwichesShe comes close to asking about the chicken or the egg.
  50. chanel no. 5
    Drew Barrymore Is Having a Baby GirlHer grandfather has already nicknamed the child Chanel No. 5.
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