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  1. keeping up with the royals
    Prince William ‘Accidentally’ Drinks a JägerbombRiiiiiight.
  2. it's complicated
    Giving Up Alcohol Made Me Date Like a Teenager AgainMy newfound sobriety came with a return to the awkward flirting, wholesome booze-free activities, and intense emotions of adolescence.
  3. it's complicated
    Dating Without Drinking Is Lonely, Awkward, and Sometimes InfuriatingI’m fine with my decision to stay sober. Most of the guys I meet seem to feel differently.
  4. booze news
    Light Drinking During Pregnancy Is Probably FineNew study says there is little evidence that the occasional drink will harm your baby in the womb.
  5. A New Study Says Heavy Drinking Has Become a ‘Public Health Crisis’Rates of alcohol abuse are on the rise, especially for women, minorities, and the elderly.
  6. Three Healthy Behaviors Linked With a Longer LifeA new, complicated study on lifestyle and longevity.
  7. advice
    Ask Polly: I Tried to Tell My Friend She’s a Bad Drunk!Opening your mouth is complicated. That’s why most people don’t do it.
  8. about time
    The Hazy Science of Day DrinkingDo our bodies know the difference between day drinking and night drinking?
  9. advice
    Ask Polly: I Overshared My Way Out of a Boyfriend!Your oversharing is an insecure, impulsive attempt to fix everything.
  10. history
    Maybe Booze Catalyzed Human CultureBecause what’s a feast without a couple beverages?
  11. public health
    Here’s a Simple Way to Reduce Drunk-Driving DeathsThorough is good.
  12. This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Get DrunkAdmit it, you’ve always wanted to know.
  13. College Students Basically Have Cruise Control for Getting DrunkBoozy, yet stable.
  14. Please Let This Hangover-Free Alcohol Be Ready for the HolidaysThis would be pretty helpful.
  15. How Drunk You Think You Are Depends on How Wasted Your Friends AreHierarchy, in effect.
  16. Is Tequila Actually Good For You?Wellness enthusiasts say it has all sorts of benefits. Nutritionists aren’t so sure.
  17. am i dying
    Why Does My Heart Race When I Drink Too Much?This can be kinda scary.
  18. swellness
    Snooki on Jersey Shore Wellness and Sexy Muscles“There was no sense of wellness, really, when I was filming Jersey Shore. “
  19. love and war
    A Biological Anthropologist Says That the Perfect First Date Is Pretty SimpleBooze!
  20. field trips
    Drinking Alone at Au Fudge, Jessica Biel’s Hollywood Hangout for ChildrenA visit to the West Hollywood hangout for children.
  21. 3 Reasons Why Scientists Can’t Seem to Agree About Alcohol and PregnancySome concerning methodology issues pervade this type of research.
  22. motherhood
    Is Drinking Beer Really Good for Breast-feeding?As the wife of a beer sommelier, I had to know the truth.
  23. small victories
    Finally, We Are Approaching Booze EqualityCongratulations, lady lushes.
  24. How Former Problem-Drinkers Talk About DrinkingThe decision to quit drinking is a huge and complicated one, and it’s not easily made. Also not easy: Telling other people about that decision.
  25. motherhood
    I Could Really Have Used a Drink After Having a BabyBut is that even allowed?
  26. greek life
    How to Stop Rape: Let Sororities Host the Parties?“It’s the home-court advantage,” says one sister.
  27. alcohol
    Most Heavy Drinkers Are Not Technically AlcoholicsNinety percent are just regular old binge drinkers. 
  28. college week
    Why College Kids Drink Like They’re Getting Extra Credit for ItDrinking as extracurricular.
  29. health
    Gym Days Are Drunk DaysPeople drink more on the days they exercise.
  30. studies
    Study: Educated, Promiscuous Women Drink MoreAt least the ones on PlentyOfFish.
  31. it's science
    Is the Tequila Diet About to Become a Thing?Beats wheatgrass shots!
  32. tough critics
    Here’s a Video of Mindy Kaling Reviewing WineDressed as Paul Giamatti. 
  33. mating and dating
    Study: Marry Someone As Drunk As YouThe couple that drinks — or doesn’t — together, stays together.
  34. arbitrary guidelines
    The Rules for Calling in Sick When You’re Actually Hung-overThree guiding principles for drunk job-shirking.
  35. pool full of liquor
    The Secret (Drunk) Life of White-Wine Drinkers Happy Boozeday.
  36. reversals of fortune
    Pregnant Women Now Allowed Daily Tiny Glass of WineNow how will we know when Beyoncé is pregnant? 
  37. drinking
    A New Study Is Here to Validate Your Drunk ShoppingThe more relaxed people are, the more they spend, official research confirms.
  38. topshop watch
    Apparently Topshop Wanted to Sell BoozeBut the community board won’t let them. Boo.
  39. bottoms up
    Leslie Stahl to Fête Wine-Inspired Apparel LineHer family created a line of $75 ties with wine imagery on them.
  40. diva fits
    Don’t Spill Your Drink on André Leon TalleyRuin his clothes and he might get hissy.
  41. cult of personality
    Heidi Montag Compares Herself to Jesus, Prompt Us to Consider ‘Hills’ BoycottShe and her ‘Hills’ castmates need to stop taking themselves so seriously.
  42. model tracker
    ‘Vogue’ and IMG Make a Web-Based Model Reality SeriesThe series will follow three models as they try to get work at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.
  43. loose threads
    Goody’s Goes Bankrupt; Barack Obama Is Best-DressedGoody’s expansion plan didn’t work out so well, Barack Obama is one of British ‘Esquire”s top ten best-dressed men, and Agyness Deyn (gasp) drank when she went out in London.
  44. fashion calendar
    Fashion Meets Finance ‘Purifies the Dating Pool’This nascent matchmaking organization boasts, “Ladies, you no longer need to worry that the cute guy at the bar works in advertising.”
  45. loose threads
    Alessandro Dell’Acqua to Helm Malo; Coach Gets Busy in ChinaDell’Acqua replaces the 6267 designers, who went to Ferré last month; Coach plans to open 50 stores in China; and Roberto Cavalli celebrates his new wine.
  46. loose threads
    Vanessa Paradis Nabs Miu Miu; ‘Stylista’ Anticipation BeginsVanessa Paradis will replace Kirsten Dunst as the face of Miu Miu; ‘America’s Next Top Model’ lands another season, as the lead in to the CW’s new fashion-assistant reality show; and Jessica Stam explains the whole D.J. thing.
  47. loose threads
    Ralph Rucci Takes Top Prize; Karl Lagerfeld Inspires HimselfRucci nabbed the fashion prize in the American Design Awards, Karl Lagerfeld was his own muse for his new handbag line, and Beyoncé proved people don’t really eat dinner at the Met gala.
  48. loose threads
    How Carla Bruni Saved Dior; Daniel Craig Is Best DressedCarla Bruni Sarkozy’s all-Dior wardrobe during her London visit was worth $1 million in advertising for Dior; GQ crowns Daniel Craig its best-dressed man — John McCain never had a chance.
  49. Heaven Forbid a Woman Propose to Her BeauSince today is Leap Year day it’s acceptable for women to propose to men. Lord knows why, but it has something to do with a nunnery in fifth century Ireland. Do we really want to get into it? Nah.