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  1. cars
    Can J.Lo Drive?A question A-Rod should have maybe considered before buying her a $140,000 car.
  2. nose parenting
    EPA Official Wore a Fake Nose to Help Her Daughter Pass a Driving TestShe sported a disguise to learn the route after her daughter failed a driving test.
  3. bangers
    And Now, Here’s a Video of Donald Trump Driving Around Listening to Taylor Swift“But I’ve got a blank space, baby, and I’ll write your name.”
  4. Americans Are Doing Less Drunk and Drugged DrivingThe roads appear to be getting safer.
  5. creepy men
    This State Trooper Was Arrested for Pulling Over Women for the Creepiest ReasonHow romantic.
  6. The Line Between a Safe Driver and a Dangerous One Is a Single Hour of SleepA driver who’s had six hours of shut-eye has twice the risk of crashing as someone who’s had seven.
  7. Don’t Just Blame Phones for Car Crashes; Blame Your Loudmouth Friends and FamilyYour metacognition is going to shrink.
  8. Inside the Mind of a Dangerous DriverNew research on what drives bad decisions on the roads.
  9. perception
    How to Get People to Stop Ignoring Traffic SignsGotta make ‘em more “dynamic.”
  10. common cold
    The Common Cold Makes You a Lousy DriverThe hidden hazards of driving while sniffling. 
  11. driving lessons
    Survey: 11 Percent of People Have Had Sex While DrivingThat’s so many more percentage points than is safe.
  12. the end of men
    More Women Have Driver’s Licenses Than MenDon’t worry, guys, we’ll totally give you a ride.