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  1. public health
    More Evidence That Drugs, Suicide, and Despair Fueled Trump’s WinPeople are “literally dying.”
  2. It’s Time for Cautious Excitement About Ayahuasca As a Treatment For DepressionRegular use does not seem “to induce the pattern of addiction-related problems that characterize drugs of abuse.”
  3. Here’s Why Ibuprofen and Naproxen Might Not Be That Safe After AllIbuprofen was believed to be a safer pain-reliever.
  4. the science of dreams
    Why Your Dreams Go Crazy When You Stop Smoking PotMost people think it has to do with REM sleep. Not so, insists a sleep researcher who has come up with a competing theory.
  5. explainers
    Why Did the Government Want to Ban This Herbal Supplement?This pain-relieving leaf is stirring up controversy.
  6. In an Act of Extreme Sanity, Canada Approves Prescription HeroinWhat if you treated addiction as something to be treated rather than punished?
  7. Magic Mushrooms Might Be a Great Way to Quit SmokingAccording to a small and promising study.
  8. awful things
    Flakka Is Like Bath Salts, But WorseThe synthetic stimulant can have terrifying side effects.
  9. How Sex on MDMA Stacks Up Against Weed and AlcoholGet ready for the weekend, kids.
  10. 420
    Portable Toilet Can’t Stop Telling Everyone How Much It Loves WeedWe get it.
  11. The Absurd Marijuana-Research Monopoly Is Finally EndingHooray, capitalism!
  12. moms and daughters
    This Mom Thought She Found Drugs in Her Daughter’s Room — Not Quite“Mom, put them in water … “
  13. Prince Is the Most Famous Face of the Opioid Epidemic That’s Devouring America“We need to see the Prince in all of us.”
  14. Why Is There No Standard Measurement for Weed?It can be impossible to know how much THC you’re actually ingesting.
  15. drugs
    What’s the Real Deal With ‘Female Viagra’?Is the fight for a new drug about feminism or pharmaceutical lobbying?
  16. drugs
    A Fun Secondhand Pot Smoke Hotboxing ExperimentFor science!
  17. quotables
    Hey, Jane Fonda, Should I Ever Take Peyote? Asking a woman we trust.
  18. drugs
    New Research on Smoking Pot and Drinking at the Same TimeIt’s worse than indulging in the two activities separately.
  19. vicemo
    Columbia Students Now Regret Using Venmo to Buy DrugsA reminder: This was a bad idea.
  20. drugs
    The Truth About Psychedelic Drugs and Mental IllnessTwo new studies do some valuable debunking.
  21. valentine’s day
    11 Real Valentine’s Day Horror StoriesSex, lies, and a blow job that ends at the ER.
  22. This Is What MDMA Does to Your BrainIt boosts the happy chemicals, basically. 
  23. language
    Metaphors Like ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ Can Undermine Addiction RecoveryIt’s time to change the way we talk about drug and alcohol addiction.
  24. sexperiments
    Legal Weed Means Your Vagina Can Get High, TooForia is a marijuana-laced lubricant.
  25. Dowd Freak-Out Provides Important Drug-Use TipsLaugh, yes, but also learn from how foolishly she approached her edible-pot experience.
  26. entrepreneurs
    Hot, Smart, and Selling Pot: On the Road With Dope Girls LA“We’re not just like, Uh, here’s some weed; look at my boobs.”
  27. sex
    Marijuana: The Natural Viagra?Doctors, stoners, and skeptics talk cannabis in the bedroom.
  28. weed week
    Watch: The Cut’s Supercut of the Best Pot-Smoking Ladies Ever on FilmLadies, spark your bongs.
  29. true stories
    My Boyfriend Went on a Spirit Quest and (Temporarily) Swore Off SexHis ayahuasca-cleansing experience requires giving up booze, drugs, pork, masturbation, and “exchange of bodily fluids.”
  30. sexcapades
    Another Vote in Favor of Ambien SexIf you can remember it.
  31. sugar-coating
    Vogue Addresses Lindsey Vonn’s Peeing IncidentThat time she was randomly drug-tested at the CFDA Awards.
  32. lilo lawsuits
    Lindsay Lohan Sued for $5 Million by DNAMIt’s about her leggings line.
  33. drugs
    How to Survive Your First Coke (or Whatever) ScandalThe Cara Delevingne playbook.
  34. love and other drugs
    Save Your Marriage With Drugs?Take ecstasy, for the children’s sake.
  35. party chat
    Alison Pill: I Want Marijuana for My Birthday“Give me the best birthday ev-ah.”
  36. sad news
    Demi Moore’s 911 Call Alludes to Mysterious DrugThe saga of her downward spiral gets more disturbing.
  37. drugs
    Someone Sent Cocaine to the Marc Jacobs StoreIn the mail.
  38. drugs are out!
    Daisy Lowe Doesn’t Want People Doing Cocaine at Her Birthday PartyOn the invites, she cautions guests against powdering their noses.
  39. drugs
    Video: Joan Collins on a Mission to Make the U.K. a More Glamorous Place“Once you get glamour it’s like a drug. Once you get glamorous you never want to stop.”
  40. get snorty
    Fashion’s Relationship With Cocaine Thrives in MilanSome things never change.
  41. model tracker
    ‘Vogue’ and IMG Make a Web-Based Model Reality SeriesThe series will follow three models as they try to get work at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.
  42. run through
    Hickey Reopens, Retains Pot-Leaf-Patterned GoodsAfter being shut for five months to repair water damage, Hickey is up and running again in Soho. And all those marijuana-leaf-patterned ties are still there.
  43. run through
    Amy Winehouse, Amusement Axed From Met GalaOrganizers of the Costume Institute’s annual spring gala hosted by Anna Wintour have stopped an Amy Winehouse performance for this year. It’s probably because she really does need rehab.
  44. run through
    Colette Displays Luxury Logos Made From CocaineThere’s cocaine at Colette! Through March 1 — the end of Paris Fashion Week — the Paris boutique’s first-floor gallery will display Swiss artist Comenius Roethlisberger’s exhibition of luxury-brand logos like Chanel, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent written in a mixture of cocaine and powdered sugar, adorably entitled “Dearest Constellation, Sweetest Invitation” (he’s talking to you, Kate).
  45. new york fugging city
    The Models Are Skinny, The Media Is Fat Considering that we’re living through a moment in which the entire fashion industry is taking a hit for whether its models are unhealthily skinny, we were very surprised to see that the organizers of Fashion Week have a very urgent message for us writer types: We’re fat.