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    Should I Take Butterbur for My Allergies?Two experts explain the plant may help with hay fever.
  2. drugstore doctor
    Will Chamomile Help Ease My Anxiety?Two experts explain chamomile’s benefits.
  3. drugstore doctor
    Will Nettle Tea Help My Allergies?Two experts debunk the claim that nettles ease hay fever.
  4. drugstore doctor
    Will Melatonin Help With My Jet Lag?Two experts explain.
  5. drugstore doctor
    Will Peppermint Make Me Feel Less Bloated?Two experts reveal peppermint is a natural muscle relaxer.
  6. drugstore doctor
    What’s the Deal With Vitamin B12?Two experts explain why it’s so important.
  7. Should I Add Spirulina to My Smoothies?Two experts break down spirulina’s health benefits.
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    Should I Be Taking Collagen?Experts explain the benefits of collagen powder and supplements.
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    Should I Keep Sprinkling Cinnamon on Everything?Two experts explain cinnamon’s health benefits.
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    Will Taking Biotin Give Me Great Hair?Two experts reveal whether biotin really does help with hair and nail growth.
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    Is Vitamin E Actually Good for My Skin?Experts explain how vitamin E works.
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    What’s the Deal With Bee Pollen?Experts explain whether bee pollen has any health benefits.
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    Am I Getting Enough Vitamin D?Experts break down the so-called “sunshine vitamin.”
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    Will Cranberry Juice Cure My UTI?Experts reveal whether it really can help treat and prevent these uncomfortable infections.
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    Can Zinc Help Fight Off a Cold?Two experts break down its immune-boosting properties.
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    Is Ginger Tea Really Good for an Upset Stomach?Two experts explain it all.
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    Can Magnesium Help Me Sleep?Experts explain the benefits of magnesium.
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    Should I Be Drinking Kombucha?Two experts break down this fermented drink.
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    Why Do People Keep Saying Women Need to Take Folic Acid?Two experts break it down for you.
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    Will Vitamin C Cure My Cold?Experts break down how vitamin C actually works.
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    Why Does Everybody Tell Me to Take Fish Oil?Experts explain the benefits of fish oil.
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    When Should You Really Take Probiotics?Clearing up your digestive health questions.
  23. drugstore doctor
    Does Taking Echinacea Really Work?Looking at the benefits of everyone’s favorite cold-buster.