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Dry Bar

  1. hairy situations
    Drybar Is Reopening in a Dozen StatesBlowouts are … back?
  2. let’s makeup
    How to Give Your Lashes a BlowoutIt’s hair, after all.
  3. lunchtime bet
    This Is the Best Fancy Hair Brush DupeDrybar’s new boar bristle brush is really good.
  4. the beauty of it all
    Alli Webb Has Opened Over a Hundred DrybarsOne-hundred and two to be exact.
  5. Rich People Get Their Own Personal DrybarAt a new apartment complex.
  6. obsessive tester
    5 Fancy Shower Caps, Tested by a Large HeadSolutions to a very specific problem.
  7. showstoppers
    The Many Truths of the World’s Biggest Beauty CounterThirstymud, artisanal fats, soap-on-a-rope, and hundreds more new products at the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Product Demo.
  8. natural hair
    Meet the Woman Who Started a Drybar for Women With Natural HairFinally.
  9. go team
    The Woman Who Got Female NFL Fans Into FashionMeet the VP of “Consumer Products” for the National Football League.
  10. wait for it
    Drybar Will Now Sell You Their Own Styling ToolsJust the tools, though; not the actual blowout skills.
  11. beauty marks
    Nicki Minaj Can’t Do Her Own Eye Makeup; Jude Law Fends Off Balding RumorsPlus, a high school in Leeds, England, is being criticized for giving makeup lessons to its 14- and 15-year-old students.
  12. beauty marks
    Willow Smith Wore a Wig; Lohan Does FCUK AdPlus, Lindsay Lohan is the new face of FCUK’s “Friction” fragrance campaign, and more beauty news.