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  1. obsessive tester
    I Found the Very Best Dry ShampoosAfter rigorous testing.
  2. scary things
    A Can of Dry Shampoo Blew a Hole Through the Roof of a CarA Missouri teen learned a hard lesson in the dangers of flammable beauty products when her can of dry shampoo exploded in her car.
  3. lunchtime buy
    This Spray Makes Living With Curly Hair More ManageableIt’s hard out there for curly people.
  4. we tried this
    5 Women Test Out Lululemon’s New Dry ShampooAnd we all agree on one thing.
  5. what should i get
    4 Hairstylists on How They Would Spend $60 at AmazonWhy they would buy scrunchies and the best drugstore hairspray.
  6. lunchtime buy
    Finally, The Holy Grail of Dry ShampooThis is a new one-stop hairstyling product that makes your hair look and smell better in three pumps.
  7. lunchtime beauty
    A Drugstore Dry Shampoo That Really WorksAn inexpensive excuse to be a little bit lazy. 
  8. hairy situations
    What Is Dry Shampoo Doing to Your Hair?Can it make your hair fall out?
  9. hairy situations
    The Dry-Shampoo Horror Story Your Mom Warned You AboutAhhh!!!!
  10. bad hair day
    Dry Shampoo Could Be Terrible for Your Hair But in a pinch, do we really care?
  11. beauty interviews
    Christina Hendricks on Lipstick and Not Washing Your HairLessons from Queen Joan.
  12. lunchtime beauty
    A Dry Shampoo Created by MIT ScientistsIt actually cleans your hair!
  13. hairy situations
    Advice for the Most Common Greasy-Hair ProblemsWomen with greasy hair, listen up. We’ve solved every one of your oily-hair problems, from washing too much to dealing with dry ends.
  14. experiments
    The Weirdest Stuff We’ve Tried to Use As Dry ShampooA girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.
  15. lab rat
    The Kardashians Made Me Understand Dry ShampooAnd it was wonderful. 
  16. best bet
    Finally, a Good Dry Shampoo for Brunettes No ghostly roots.
  17. hairy situations
    Meet R + Co, the Captain Planet-Like Fashion Hair CollectiveDeath Valley is now something your hair can smell like.
  18. beauty interviews
    Q&A: Kristen Stewart on Dry Shampoo, Puffy Faces, and Cornrows“I just like it when people look like they’re not trying. And the only way to do that is by not trying.”
  19. Mary-Kate Olsen Has a Five-Hairpins-Only RuleAnd other Olsen beauty secrets from their hairdresser, Mark Townsend.
  20. tough life
    The Ten Beauty Sacrifices We Continue to MakeLooking great: With every upside, there is a downside.
  21. lab rat
    Lab Rat: An Attempt to Give Straight Hair Boho Texture It takes more than just one hair product.
  22. whole lotta hair
    How Kelly Osbourne Should Care for Her BF’s HairBecause he has the kind of crazy, curly locks we want to reach out and touch steal.
  23. obsessive tester
    Who Makes the Best Dry Shampoo?For freedom from the tyranny of showers — or surviving Hurricane Sandy power outages.
  24. beauty wrap-up
    The 55 Best Beauty Looks From Fashion MonthPlus tips and product suggestions in case you want to try these looks for Halloween at home.
  25. Daily Backstage Beauty Q: Will You Wash Your Hair Tonight?The models definitely will. Everyone else? Not a priority.
  26. Beauty Q+A: Will Dry Shampoo Fix Sweaty Hair?And how about the smell?