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Dry Skin

  1. obsessive tester
    The Absolute Best Moisturizers for Every Skin TypeHere are the most dry-face-proof creams.
  2. obsessive tester
    20 Foundations Your Dry Skin Won’t HateFor the blustery weather ahead.
  3. why is your skin so good
    How This Never Have I Ever Star Gets Her Skin So GoodRicha Moorjani breaks down her routine for extremely dry skin.
  4. skin deep
    Treat Your Skin to Brunch With This Avocado MaskNo toast required.
  5. hydration station
    This Lotion Will Keep Your Face Moisturized for 3 Days StraightIs your skin so, so, so thirsty?
  6. winter beauty hacks
    Every Product I Use to Avoid Dry Winter SkinIncluding a jelly cleanser and an Australian balm.
  7. lab rat
    This Weird Hippie Wash Will Stop Dry Skin Before It StartsIt is completely soap-free.
  8. multitasking like a murderer
    Fan Bingbing Will Do Anything in a Sheet MaskThe Chinese actresses performs movie-star obligations in public while sheet mask-ing.
  9. lunchtime buy
    This Gel Mask Saved My Dry, Flaky Skin Just in Time for My WeddingFollowing a catastrophic sulfur treatment and just in time for my wedding.
  10. lab rat
    Why Does Everyone Want This Crazy-Expensive Lotion?A small brand sold 2,000 bottles within 24 hours.
  11. lab rat
    These Socks Cure Dry Winter FeetThey’re a spa for your toes.
  12. lab rat
    Stop Complaining About Your Dry Skin and Use This LotionThere’s a reason it’s a decades-old favorite.
  13. lab rat
    Put This Sheep Grease on Your Face. Seriously.Meet Lano.
  14. lab rat
    What If You Have Acne and Dry Skin?A solution to two opposing problems. 
  15. lab rat
    How to Totally Moisturize in the ShowerA dry-skin game-changer.