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Dubious Studies

  1. power positions
    Is ‘Woman on Top’ the Most Dangerous Sexual Position?Might cause a penile fracture.
  2. peak popularity
    Everybody Likes You When You’re 29A new study pinpoints the most popular age. 
  3. dubious studies
    The British Are Rejecting the Tyranny of PajamasKeep calm and sleep in the nude.
  4. Shopping Is Good for Babies“As beneficial … as painting or drawing.”
  5. physical comedy
    Study: Eat Less Because You’re a Bad MomIf it were 1965, you could have 200 more calories. But it’s not! SO DROP THAT SNACK, MODERN MOTHER.
  6. dubious studies
    British Tampon Brand Finds That Women Feel Sexiest at 28According to a 200-person survey.