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  1. princes!!!
    Prince William, Pregnant Wife to Spend Christmas With Her FamilyPippa must be so. Excited.
  2. duchessess!!!
    Do Not Overlook the Best Part of Kate Middleton’s Diaper PhotoDroopy balls in the background.
  3. duchessess!!!
    Kate and Will’s Movie Night So Low-Key There Aren’t Even PicturesIt basically never even happened.
  4. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middleton Reportedly Showed More Than Boob on Her VacationSome bottomless photos have emerged in a Danish tabloid.
  5. duchessess!!!
    Here Are Kate Middleton’s Plane OutfitsAnd thus ends the royal couple’s glorious Diamond Jubilee tour.
  6. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middleton Wore More McQueen, Received Sparkly New ShoesAlso, she’s better at clay drawings than Prince William.
  7. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middleton Wore a Peplum, Saw a Lion DanceAlso, see her signature!
  8. duchessess!!!
    Slideshow: Witness Kate Middleton’s Emotional Roller Coaster at the OlympicsAnxiety! Relief! Suspense!
  9. duchessess!!!
    Photographer Anticipates Our Desire to See Kate Middleton’s Bare FeetSomeone give this guy a promotion.
  10. duchessess!!!
    Middleton Gets a £300K ‘Bonus’ From the PalaceThe money goes to her charity, of course.
  11. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middleton’s Beauty Routine Could Cost a BundleHypothetically, that is.
  12. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middeton Wore $75 Fake Diamond Earrings to the Queen’s JubileeShe can even make cubic zirconia look classy.
  13. princesses!!!
    Francisco Costa Thinks Kate Middleton Is ‘Very Calvin’Of course he does.