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  1. new duck alert
    Have You Seen This Very Tall Duck?Meet Long Boi.
  2. animals
    High-Stakes Duck Rescue Under Way in Central ParkProtect her at all costs!
  3. oh!
    Amy Klobuchar Shares Fun, Relatable Story About Accidentally Killing a Duck“I don’t think it’s a good idea for the bird population of America if I play golf.”
  4. ducks
    When a Duck Understands Everything You SayWatch actor Sam Neill softly speak to a duck.
  5. the hot duck
    The Hot Duck Opens Up About His Emotional StateHe spoke to the press for the first time.
  6. new york city baby
    Everyone Loves the Hot DuckThe Central Park mandarin duck has captivated all of New York City.
  7. dating
    New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor Is This Beautiful DuckHello.
  8. duck wedding
    Here Is Something Nice: A Duck WeddingDuck wedding.
  9. ducks are hilarious
    Video: Here Are Some Fabulously Dressed DucksAt a duck fashion show in Australia.