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Dwayne Johnson

  1. celebrity babies
    The Rock Just Welcomed a New Baby GirlOur true royal baby.
  2. golden globes 2018
    Meet Simone Garcia Johnson, Golden Globe Ambassador and Daughter of the RockTrue Hollywood (and potentially political) royalty.
  3. skin deep
    The Rock Has a Better Skin-Care Routine Than You DoWhat, you thought the “people’s elbow” was just naturally that soft?
  4. making faces
    What Was Everyone in the Oscars Audience Thinking When Moonlight Actually Won?Every kind of shock, from Meryl to the Rock.
  5. dwayne johnson's packing list
    Here Is Everything That Could Be in the Rock’s Very Big BagOr: How to fill a purse that’s the size of a small car. 
  6. baewatch
    Here’s How to Intimidate the RockJust ask Priyanka Chopra.
  7. good things
    8 Good Things That Happened This WeekDwayne “the Rock” Johnson, a 9-year-old reporter, and so much more!