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Eating Disorders

  1. crime
    They Thought They Were Lucky to Get an AppointmentDr. Joseph Silverman was renowned for treating young girls with anorexia. But patients in his care allege he raped them repeatedly.
  2. culture
    Physical Takes an Unflinching and Unlikable Look at Eating DisordersRose Byrne’s self-hatred feels so real it’s difficult to watch.
  3. how i get it done
    Mary H.K. Choi Is Jealous Her Fictional Characters Can Hang Out“I miss my sibling. I miss places. How dare you just willy-nilly go to each other’s houses and mouth kiss? It’s an affront.”
  4. winter olympics 2018
    Adam Rippon Opens Up About His Struggle With Eating DisordersThe Olympic figure skater used to subsist on a daily diet of three slices of whole grain bread with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.
  5. bad ideas
    People Hate the Google Maps Calorie CounterDistances are measured in mini cupcakes.
  6. mental health
    The Strange, Contagious History of BulimiaThe physician who wrote the first case report in the 1970s believes it was, at least in part, a social contagion.
  7. politics
    Senator Compares Health-Care Bill to Eating DisorderThe “skinny repeal” joke went too far.
  8. mental health
    Pretty Little Liars Star’s Anorexia Battle Is Part of Why She Supports HillaryTroian Bellisario says Hillary views mental health care as part of health care.
  9. Zayn Malik Opens Up About His Struggle With an Eating DisorderIt was during his time in One Direction.
  10. wellness theories
    Dara Torres on Living a Normal Life After 5 Olympics and an Eating DisorderThe retired swimming legend works out mainly for stress relief now.
  11. Eating Disorders
    Penn State Football Player Reveals He Has an Eating Disorder in ‘Brave’ PostJoey Julius’s coach and teammates have voiced their support since the announcement.
  12. ramadan
    For Muslims With Eating Disorders, Ramadan Can Pose a Dangerous ChoiceIllness is a valid excuse not to fast, but stigma against mental-health issues makes it trickier.
  13. the brain
    The Neuroscience of Anorexia Reveals Why It’s So Hard to TreatThe behavior associated with the eating disorder is more like a habit than some kind of extreme willpower. 
  14. first person
    Getting Engaged Meant Facing My Anorexia AgainAfter being proposed to, a terrifying thought appeared in my mind like skywriting: I’ll have to get in shape.
  15. laws
    How One State Is Improving Eating-Disorder CareMissouri becomes the first state to require that insurance companies cover comprehensive mental-health treatment for people with anorexia and bulimia.
  16. extreme measures
    How Models Are Skirting Those BMI Requirements“I even saw them put weights in their hair.”
  17. Is It Possible to Make Comedy Out of Bulimia?Talking to Jessie Kahnweiler about her new, Jill Soloway–approved web series.
  18. body issues
    Bulimia Comes Out of the ClosetA handful of women are starting a conversation that challenges the usual stereotypes and shame of bulimia.
  19. terrible made-up words
    Introducing ‘Pregorexia,’ a Word You Should Not RepeatLinguistically and medically, this is awful.
  20. food fighting
    The Women Who Dated Men With Eating DisordersStand by your man, but what if he’s anorexic?
  21. campaign trail
    Modeling Agency Makes Creepy Anti-Anorexia AdsThey’re supposed to be creepy.
  22. reclaiming things
    Cat Marnell Reclaiming Bulimia Now“It’s part of being a woman.”
  23. body issues
    Franca Sozzani’s Harvard Speech on Thinness“What led us to establish that thin is beautiful and that thinness is the aesthetic code we should follow?”
  24. diet mom
    Dara-Lynn Weiss’s Book Publisher SpeaksVery cautiously.
  25. diet mom
    Dr. Joanna Dolgoff Responds to Dara-Lynn Weiss’s Vogue ArticleThe doctor who founded the Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right “nutritional program” defends herself.
  26. diet mom
    Diet Doctors Disapprove of Dara-Lynn Weiss, TooNamely, the doctor who developed the “Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right” diet that Weiss used on her daughter for Vogue.
  27. weighty issues
    Forcing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter to Diet Landed Dara-Lynn Weiss a Book DealHer book — a memoir — will be called The Heavy.
  28. pinterestingly enough
    Pinterest Bans Pro-Anorexia and ‘Thinspiration’ BoardsThe company changed its acceptable use policy, effective April 6. 
  29. weighty issues
    A Mom’s Reaction to Vogue’s Story About a ‘Fat’ 7-Year-Old GirlWriter Dara-Lynn Weiss made her daughter lose sixteen pounds for Vogue’s “Shape” issue.
  30. body issues
    The CFDA Releases Model Health Guidelines for Fashion WeekThese guidelines come out every year, but how much of a difference are they really making in addressing models’ eating disorders?
  31. body issues
    Miss Universe Pageant Under Fire for Letting Super-Skinny Contestant CompeteStephanie Naumoska is five eleven and weighs 105 pounds.
  32. inner city life
    The City Cannot Handle the Topic of Eating DisordersOur recap of last night’s episode is in!
  33. body issues
    Tales From ‘Mademoiselle’: ‘Self-Starvation Was a Competitive Sport’There’s more where that came from in former ‘Mademoiselle’ editor Valerie Frankel’s new book.
  34. body issues
    Hot New Trend: Lose Weight With Intravenous Drips!Banana bags are IVs full of vitamins that enable people to eat less while getting nutrients.
  35. body issues
    Do Runway Models Look Healthier This Season?The Associated Press thinks so. We’re still not sure.
  36. loose threads
    New ‘Orgiastic’ Agent Provocateur Campaign Debuts; Sean Avery Gathers FlowersAlso, Anna Wintour visits the eating-disorder booth in the tents, and Eva Longoria Parker shills M&M’s.
  37. Simon Doonan: Lack of Diversity on the Runways Is a Bigger Problem Than Thin ModelsHe thinks the thin phase will pass just like “that stupid walk” models used to do.
  38. body issues
    Step Right Up for Your Free Eating-Disorder Brochure at Fashion WeekThe CFDA will set up booths at the tents to provide Fashion Week goers with info on eating disorders.
  39. model tracker
    MTV’s New Model Reality Show Is All About Getting Contestants to Lose Weight’Model Maker’ is a competition for “overweight” contestants to jump-start their modeling career by getting skinny.
  40. body issues
    One Aspiring Model Isn’t Thin Enough, Turns to Cocktailing’America’s Next Top Model’ casting directors and agents from top agencies told Tatiana Stewart to drop at least ten pounds.
  41. model tracker
    Ali Michael Is Back on TopDespite all the hoopla about her gaining a whole five pounds, Ali has booked three recent ad campaigns.
  42. model tracker
    ‘Vogue’ and IMG Make a Web-Based Model Reality SeriesThe series will follow three models as they try to get work at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.
  43. cult of personality
    Mary-Kate Olsen Eats, Shuns Booze, Befriends StamEver since Mary-Kate Olsen became friends with Jessica Stam, she’s been eating, smiling, sober, and (gasp) laughing.
  44. cult of personality
    Gisele Bündchen on Money, Tom Brady, and Eating DisordersShe doesn’t care about her salary and says she’s never met a person with an eating disorder.
  45. cult of personality
    Mary-Kate Olsen on Eating Disorders and Some Other Stuff!Mary-Kate comments on her purported eating disorder for the first time in this month’s ‘Elle.’ We have her quotes on that and even deeper subjects, including Heath.
  46. model tracker
    ‘Teen Vogue’s Ali Michael Story Sends Mixed MessagesIn the June/July issue of ‘Teen Vogue,’ Ali Michael shares her story of weight struggles as an up-and-coming model.
  47. body issues
    Model Ali Michael on ‘Today:’ ‘I Hadn’t Had My Period in Over a Year’Model Ali Michael was on the ‘Today’ show this morning, talking about her experience at the Paris shows this past February, where she was told that her legs were too fat for the runways.
  48. body issues
    Breaking: France Is ThisClose to Banning Skinny ModelsA bill in France that would make it illegal for anyone to publicly incite extreme thinness has passed the lower house and is moving on to the Senate.
  49. run through
    Amy Winehouse, Amusement Axed From Met GalaOrganizers of the Costume Institute’s annual spring gala hosted by Anna Wintour have stopped an Amy Winehouse performance for this year. It’s probably because she really does need rehab.
  50. run through
    How We Killed Our Virtual Miss BimboWe didn’t carve out feeding time on the game that allows 9- to 16-year-old girls to foster a virtual bimbo with diets, sexy outfits, and boob jobs.
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